A deaf lady, Aanuoluwapo Omoleye Busade has gotten over the top as she has graduated with a first class honours and emerged the best graduating student from the department of Special Education & Rehabilitation Sciences from the prestigious University of Ibadan.

Aanuoluwapo Omoleye Busade minored in Economics and was able to beat the students in her faculty to become the best graduating student from her department.

The following are the laurels she had upon her Graduation:
1. University’s overall best graduating student with disability.
2. Best graduating student from her department.
3. Best graduating indigent student.

It’s also important to note that she was the only Student with disability in the entire class, both at the departmental and faculty levels, and she still came out on top.

She was very involved in additional activities during her tenure at the University of Ibadan. This is truly unique and deserving of acclaim.

This is really special and praise-worthy. Congratulations to her.


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