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Frustration and Negligence Have Led some Deaf people Into Human Trafficking, sex working And Begging- Alaba Adefala

Voice for the Deaf Foundation has bemoaned the rate at which some of them are being trafficked for prostitution, alms-begging and ‘slavery jobs.’ 

They begged the Federal Government to come to their rescue.

President of the Foundation, Alaba Adefala Durojaiye, disclosed this at a press conference in Lagos, on Tuesday.

Durojaiye  said human trafficking, as a social malaise, has affected the deaf community due to negligence by government and the society.

“Because of neglect and frustrations that deaf people suffer, many are often enticed into human trafficking, through some agents, who specialise in recruiting people for prostitution, begging and slavery jobs. There are times deaf people, including young boys and girls, men and women are ferried across deserts, far from home, while parents declare  them missing.”

He further stated that the deaf people are subjected to dehumanising and degrading conditions of living as beggars, slaves and sex workers where they were trafficked.

“Even in Nigeria, so many deaf persons left their home to engage in begging trade distributing envelopes for offering in nooks and crannies of our metro and cosmopolitan cities, towns and villages in order to survive. The issue, therefore, needs to be handled from the right perspective. We want government to do something about it.”

Durojaiye, however, emphasided the need for job provision, education and training of deaf people as a tool to fighting the menace. According to him, education and training the deaf will go a long way to fight human trafficking.

“Lack of employment is one of the vital reasons proffered by deaf people for engaging in illicit trafficking trade and arms begging. We know the Disability Law has been passed but we want the government to do something about its enforcement and make more people aware.” (The sun)



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