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Obtain your ticket and be part of history(watch the first ever all inclusive online live concert)

Empathy might not be the best word, but it best describes what we hope you feel for the next generation, most especially for Persons with Disabilities, Children, youths and or less privileged people.

YUTEX ENTERTAINMENT in order to promote inclusive entertainment and inspire PWDs to Stardom is organizing a virtual celebrities Plus concert which will create an avenue for talented upcoming artistes to rise to stardom and get empowered by showcasing various artistic and creative skills to the entire world alongside other celebrities.

The concert will be live on Zoom and the date is Saturday 1st of August, 2020.

To obtain your ticket and become part of this history, click on the link below:

It is the first ever online inclusive concert. Come and Be part of the history. Again, the concert will be fun filled with so many interesting and entertaining music, comedy, spoken word and dance sequence by celebrities and up coming artistes who are persons with disabilities. Come and watch amazing talents of persons with disabilities.



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