Christiana Vincent is a blind lady from Zawan in Jos South Local Government of Plateau State who became blind at the age of nineteen years after an illness, when she was still in secondary school.

She was born in a family six children and she lost her father at a tender. She is a single mother; she has a daughter.

In this interview with our correspondent in Jos, Bulus Bala Izang, she spoke about her education as a blind lady.

TQM. Were you later able to complete your secondary school?

Ans. No.

TQM. Why were you not able to complete your secondary education?

Ans. It is because my mother could no longer send me back to school after spending so much seeking for medical solution to my failing sight. But I later went to Government Vocational Training Center for the Blind Zawang.

TQM. What are the names of the schools you attended before you became blind?

Ans. I attended St. Joseph primary school Du, after that I went to Government Secondary School Abattoir all in Jos South Local Government. It was while I was in this secondary school that I lost my sight.

TQM. What kind of training did you receive at the Government Vocational Training Center, Zawang?

Ans. We were taught how to make foot mat, table cloths, carpet, weaving of chairs, and baskets.

TQM. Is your daughter within schooling age, if yes, is she schooling? 

Ans. Yes, she is schooling.

TQM. Who is paying for her education?

Ans. I am the one paying for her education.

TQM. What about the father of your daughter?

Ans. He is in their village.

TQM. Why is he not contributing in the payment of his daughter’s education?

Ans. I don’t know.

TQM. What work are you doing to provide for yourself and your daughter?

Ans. I cook and sale red beans in small quantity, about a measure and a half.

TQM. Do you have a place where you do your business?

Ans. No, I carry the beans on my and hawk it around.

TQM. How do you, a blind lady manage to hawk around?

Ans. My daughter help in leading me.

TQM. Who is supporting you with feeding?

Ans. Sometimes, I am assisted by people around and some relations with some food stuffs.

TQM. What about your Mother?

Ans. She died some years ago.

TQM. Have you suffered any form of molestation at home or within the community because of your disability?

Ans. No.

TQM. Lastly, what is your personal appeal to the public on how you can be helped?

Ans. I need help in the area of my daughter’s education and some money to enable me expand my business, buying more measures of the red beans or even have a bag of the red beans to be selling from. Again, If I can be assisted with funds, I can revisit my vocation of making carpet and table cloths for sale.

TQM. Thank you for your time. I wish you the best in life.

Ans. Thank you.


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