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Voices of Hope: Kogi Central PWDs Association Meets with Her Excellency Hajiya Shefiya Ododo

Kogi Central, June 18, 2024 — In a landmark meeting that underscored the power of advocacy and the promise of inclusive governance, the Kogi Central Persons with Disabilities Association, led by President Comrade Yakubu Nasir Abdulhakeem, met with Her Excellency Hajiya Shefiya Ododo, Wife of the Governor of Kogi State. The delegation presented a series of crucial requests aimed at improving the lives of persons with disabilities in the region.

The meeting, held in the spirit of collaboration and hope, saw the association put forth several key demands:

  • Establishment of a Special School: A dedicated institution for persons with disabilities in Kogi Central to ensure accessible and quality education.
  • Government Appointments: Inclusion of persons with disabilities in government positions to ensure their voices are represented in policy-making.
  • Employment and Empowerment: Initiatives to employ and empower educated and skilled individuals with disabilities.
  • Provision of Mobility Aids: Distribution of essential mobility aids such as wheelchairs, crutches, and white canes.
  • Prioritization of Women with Disabilities: Special focus on policies and programs that address the unique challenges faced by women with disabilities.

Hon. Umar Zakariyau Shaibu, Board Chairman of the association, expressed profound gratitude to Her Excellency for her commitment to disability inclusion, praising her efforts to continue the inclusive legacy of the previous First Lady. Kabiru Oyiza Rafatu, the women leader, highlighted the particular vulnerabilities of women with disabilities, calling for urgent prioritization in government programs.

The meeting was moderated by Hon. Ahmed Abdulkareem Onimisi, who emphasized the necessity of having a dedicated focal person within Her Excellency’s foundation to address the concerns of persons with disabilities.

In her response, Her Excellency Hajiya Shefiya Ododo demonstrated deep empathy and a strong commitment to the cause. She acknowledged the significant challenges faced by persons with disabilities, recognizing their condition as a part of Allah’s divine plan. Her Excellency pledged to:

  • Call a Robust Stakeholders’ Meeting: Engage disability stakeholders across the five local governments of Kogi Central to discuss and address their issues comprehensively.
  • Present Requests to the Governor: Ensure that the association’s demands are given serious consideration at the highest levels of state governance.
  • Support Within Her Office: Provide direct support to persons with disabilities through her office’s initiatives and programs.

Her Excellency urged persons with disabilities to continue praying for the government, affirming that their prayers hold special significance and are heard by God without hindrance.

The meeting concluded on a high note, with the distribution of food items and transportation reimbursements to the participants with disabilities, a gesture that was both practical and symbolic of the administration’s support and respect for this vulnerable group.

The significance of this meeting cannot be overstated. It marked a pivotal step towards realizing a more inclusive society in Kogi Central, where persons with disabilities are not only seen and heard but are also given the opportunities and resources to thrive. The association’s proactive stance and the government’s receptive attitude offer a beacon of hope for more equitable and inclusive policies in the region.

The dialogue between the Kogi Central Persons with Disabilities Association and Her Excellency Hajiya Shefiya Ododo stands as a testament to the progress that can be achieved through persistent advocacy and compassionate governance. As the state moves forward, the commitments made in this meeting are expected to catalyze substantial improvements in the lives of persons with disabilities, paving the way for a more inclusive future in Kogi Central.

Ahmed Abdulkareem Onimisi
Media and Publicity Secretary, Kogi Central Persons with Disabilities Association.



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