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Talented 38-Year-Old Man with Disability Builds Motorbikes that Run on Fuel from Scrap Materials

A man identified as Ibrahim Sumaila has risen to become the founder of Ibrahim Spider, building bikes that run on oil mix with gasoline. His small venture aims to solve a social problem for persons living with physical disabilities.

As a child, Sumaila had always wanted to be part of the people providing solutions in Ghana’s automobile industry. Discovering his talent Born and raised in Tema in the Greater Accra Region, he discovered he could build cars and other electronic gadgets at age 10.

Through constant practice at the Akodzo Junior High School, where he received his early education, Sumaila moulded his talent to the admiration of his teachers.

But it was at the Don Bosco Vocational Training School that he finally settled on a career path. Building the bikes At 38, Sumaila has defeated impediments and is building bicycles and motorbikes propelled by two-stroke engines that use oil mixed with gasoline or petrol. He uses scrap metals in moulding the bikes. Sumaila told a trusted Ghanaian news media, that he wants to expand the business to train more people in the craft because he has a quest to transfer his talent to others. Sumaila, a father of three, further mentioned that this passion drives him towards achieving his goals.

‘I need advanced tools to work. Also, I need an investor to finance the expansion of the business because I need a workshop to train people. ”I just love the work, and I want to use my talent to help other people, particularly people living with disabilities,” he told in a recent phone interview.

Check the Instagram link below to see some of his bikes:



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