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TAF Africa Rebrands, Represents All Clusters Of Disability In The New logo

TAF Africa formerly known as The Albino Foundation (TAF) has officially presented their new brand identity to the public.

In a press conference today 12th May, 2023 in Abuja, the Chairman, TAF Africa, Board of Trustees, Prof. Vincent Anigbogu in his speech said that their new identity is to highlight their commitment towards promoting disability rights and equality with a focus on creating a more accessible and inclusive environment for persons with disabilities.

“Today, TAF Africa, the leading advocate for disability inclusion in Nigeria officially announce our significant rebranding effort to better reflect our mission, vision, and core values” he stated.

The rebranding initiative includes a new logo, website, social media presence, and updated messaging and outreach strategies that aim to increase awareness about the organization’s work and impact beyond the community of Persons with albinism (PWA), which our previous brand identity captured. The new logo features a simple yet powerful design that incorporates the organization’s name and a visual representation of the various disability clusters with the map of Africa which symbolizes unity without boundaries, independence, mobility, and the importance of accessibility.

Prof. Anigbogu further stated that in TAF Africa, they believe that everyone should have opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of society irrespective of their disability status, and they are committed to advocating for the rights of Persons with disabilities and creating more accessible and inclusive environment where PWDs can thrive.

He also expressed the excitement of the entire of family of TAF Africa on the launch of their new brand identity as they look forward to continuing their work to ensure that PWDs have equal access to education, employment, healthcare, transportation, and all other aspects of life.

“The rebranding initiative is part of our efforts to increase awareness and understanding of disability rights and inclusion. We will continue to work with policymakers and other stakeholders to promote disability inclusion” he added.

The Albino Foundation TAF was founded by Amb. Jake Epelle to lead advocacy for the end of discriminatory practices against Persons with albinism PWA in Nigeria and Africa which has been successful over the years and they have since extended their work to cover all clusters of disability even though it wasn’t clearly reflected in their mission and vision.

In order for them to capture that numerous successful works on disability inclusion in their mission and vision, they have rebranded to further and better drive disability inclusion.



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