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Kano JONAPWD Crisis: Group alleges, JONAPWD National President is supporting illegal election

urges him to act and address the issue

A faction of Joint National Association of Persons With Disabilities (JONAPWD) in Kano State has lamented the inability of the National Acting President of Association to take action to address the ongoing crisis at the branch due to an alleged illegal election.

The group faulted and has been challenging the election of the association held on 27th February, 2022 which they claimed, it was done in secret and it was conducted by suspended Electoral Committee.

In a press release signed by Usman Yusuf, the leader of the group, they said in a press statement titled RE: COMPLAINS AND DISAGREEMENTS UPON UNCONSTITUTIONAL ELECTIONS  HELD BY SELFISHED MEMBERS OF THE JOINT NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES (JONAPWD) KANO STATE CHAPTER  ON 27th FEBRUAR, 2022, that a letter on the above subject matter sent to the acting President (ADAMU ABDULLAHI from KEBBI) on 10th March,2022 notifying him on the issue  and seek for his action, nothing has been done by the president, despite that he acknowledged the receipt of the letter.

The group lamented that no reply from the President up till date.

The group stated that the delay from the President gave room to the so called faction to feel that what they did was right, and the situation continue to worsen everyday in kano.

“We are doing our best to ensure that we control members of the Association, but the act of negligence by the President on the issue is becoming a clear indication that he has interest in kano elections” they added.

They said that the purpose of this communication is to draw the attention of the President to act urgently, because they are preparing to take legal action if the President continue to remain silent on the issue.

Moreover, they are appealing to JONAPWD Board of Trustees( BOT) National Cluster Head and  Stakeholders to come to the aid of the kano state chapter and protect the image of the Association in the eyes of our development partners, Goverment and the public.



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