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Inclusive Voice creates awareness on the importance of Braille to Blind people

In continuation of their advocacy and sensitization of the general public, Inclusive Voice for Women and Youth Initiative in the fourth edition of inclusive voice which is a part of their public enlightenment series and a call for action which geared towards sensitization of the public/private sectors, institutions, and the public on the importance of driving disability inclusion in every aspect of the economy, enlightened the public on braille reading and writing.

Miss Okeoghene Jane, The Executive Director, Inclusive Voice for Women and Youth Initiative

The Executive Director of Inclusive Voice for Women and Youth Initiative, Miss Okeoghene Jane Akpaeva explained that braille is a form of writing which is characterized by a pattern of dots felt by the fingers, she appreciated the founding father Louis Braille who invented braille reading and writing for the blind and partially sighted, braille reading and writing is a key to literacy for the blind and partially sighted.

She talked about experience in a special school and she got to learn braille that it was a great adventure for her and encourage anyone who has lost his eyesight or have a low vision not to give up because there is hope.

Parents, guardians, relatives who have a child or anyone close to them who has lost their sight or have a low vision to encourage and support them to any special school to be educated.

Pastor Lucky

Pastor Lucky, a computer instructor for the blind and a blind person, explained that braille is the solid foundation of education for blind, that braille is integrated in the computer for the use by the blind and low vision people.

Oluwakemi Odusunya, a member of NAB Lagos State

Oluwakemi Odusunya from Lagos Nigeria and a member of Nigeria Association of Blind (NAB) defines braille as a tactile way of writing in dots for the visually impaired, she shared her experience as a braille user for 10 years, that braille has been a medium of reading and writing for 10 years, which has improved our intellectual life, she appreciated Louis Braille for inventing braille reading and writing.

Temidayo Jatula

Temidayo Jatula also from Lagos Nigeria and member of NAB, describedd braille as a skill of writing for the visually impaired which is replicated from the cited books, like using the pen and paper to write but formatted in another technique, she stated that braille has given her equal opportunities like her colleagues and has made her creative in reading and writing her scripts and poems. She was also grateful to Louis Braille.

Barrister Blessing Chimoso Ujumwa

Barrister Blessing Chimoso Ujumwa, a member of NAB and also a lawyer in Abuja expanded braille as a pattern of writing with dots for a visually impaired, she further spoke on her experience when she saw the braille for the first time in a special school, that learning braille as improve her communication skills, confidence, independence and privacy, she stated that braille is not only restricted for the visually impaired but can be learnt by any body, finally she acknowledged Louis Braille who has made a great impact in the life of the blind and low-vision individuals.



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