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I don’t want to dropout in my final year in School, please help me….Pheobe Francis, a girl with disability cries out for assistance

TQM report,

PHEOBE FAVOUR FRANCIS is born in the family of Mr/Mrs Francis Aliyu. She was not born with a disability. Her disability came when she become seriously sick on a particular day, she was five years old. she fell down and could not walk again, it was so sad.

Her father died when she was in JSS 2 and life became so unbearable for her family. In terms of food, school fees and her mobility aid wheelchair. Nobody to help, and no body to run to. The problem later became worst, she have to struggle to pay her SSCE fee, She wanted given up at some point but she kept encouraging herself, she feels depressed day and night because of how can she be suffering so much with disability and still struggling to survive.

One day, she decided to go out and look for a job and people will say, even if I have a job to give you, how are you going to cope?? And she will said to them, “I know that I can’t walk but still have my two hands and for the fact that I’m a physically challenged person, am not lazy”. She have to start marketing a product in a particular company, it was not easy pushing my wheels and carrying a load on her legs at the end of the day, she will fall sick and she will said to herself, “Pheobe you know you can do it”.

She raised small money for her Jamb after writing, she got admission. No Money to go to school, her mother sold some of her clothes to pay to her first year school fees. Four (4) month ago, her mother became down to stroke, it affected her hands and legs. And at the same time she can’t walk.

It is at this junction, that it became obvious that she don’t have anything nor anybody to help her, She is now in her final year at Kaduna Polytechnic in the Department of Leisure and Tourism Management. She doesn’t have her school fees, She have looked for work to do but, no work anywhere, if she fails to pay her school fees, she can’t stay in the Hostel because where she stay is very far from her school, it have not been easy for crossing express to school and the way things are for her, she can’t be able to afford the transport, , and the Deadline date for her school fees is December 28, the school fees amount is N37,000.

Please wipe these tears from her mother’s face and make them happy again. Thanks, Remain Blessed

You can donate to help her in the following account details: Acct Details is: Pheobe Francis
0695916930 [ACCESS BANK]

You can contact her for details at 0708 978 9368



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