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A Club donates food items, drugs, cash, other materials to orphanage/autism centre.

TQM report,

A group known as Gbazango Parliament which is a social club based in Abuja on Saturday 5 December, 2020 embarked on a reach out to an orphanage/ autism centre in Kubwa, Abuja by the name Jesus Kids orphanage and autism centre. This orphanage home where children with intellectual disabilities such cerebral palsy, autism and orphans are taken care of is being managed by Mrs. Nifemi Adams.

The group presented different items, cartoons of noodles, drugs, insecticides, detergents, drinks, and many others including a cash donation.

The Public Relation Officer of The group, Agbo Christian Obiora while speaking at the verge of handing over the items and the cash to the manager of the centre, said that the club decided to come and visit the children out of the fact that they know that as God is blessing them, there are people out there who need help and should be offer a help.

Speaking further, he said that the token they brought is to thank God for keeping them till the end of the year.

He acknowledged the effort of the manager of the centre for keeping the centre going in spite of all the economic challenges.

He concluded by assuring Mrs. Nifemi that as God will continue to bless the members of the club. We will continue to come and show love and compassion to the children.

The President of The Association, Stanley Nwokocha presented the cash donation to Nifemi and asked her to accept the small token the members presented but as long as there is life and God continue to provide.

Members of the club after seeing the children began to praise God for their lives because they saw that some of the children requires perpetual support all through their lives and one who can move around freely is still complaining that God is not doing enough.

Some pictures of the visit



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