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Historic Milestone: Blind Man Appointed Acting Chairman, Njikoka LGA of Anambra State

In a groundbreaking development for Nigerian governance and inclusivity, Mr. Obimbekwe Martin Chidozie, a blind man, has ascended to the leadership of Njikoka Local Government Area, Anambra State.

This unprecedented appointment follows the recent dissolution of the 21 local government area chairmen by Anambra State Governor, Prof. Charles Soludo. Mr. Chidozie’s new role as acting chairman marks the first time a visually impaired individual has been entrusted with such a significant position in Nigerian local government.

Governor Soludo’s directive mandated that all local government chairmen hand over to the highest-ranking official within their administrations. As the highest-ranking official in Njikoka LGA, Mr. Chidozie assumed the role of acting chairman, setting a new standard for leadership and inclusivity in Nigeria.

A Momentous Achievement for the Disability Community

The Vice President of the African Union of the Blind, Barr. Calister Ugwuaneke, who is also the Chairperson of the Women Committee within the organization, extended her heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Chidozie. In her congratulatory message, she emphasized the significance of this achievement for the disability community in Nigeria.

“This is a monumental victory for the entire disability community in Nigeria,” said Barr. Ugwuaneke. “Mr. Chidozie’s appointment showcases that individuals with disabilities are capable of leading and making substantial contributions to society. I urge him to seize this opportunity to leave a lasting legacy in Njikoka Local Government Area.”

A Journey Marked by Dedication and Merit

Mr. Chidozie’s rise to this esteemed position is a testament to his dedication and competence. Reflecting on his appointment, he expressed gratitude and a sense of divine intervention, attributing his achievement to both merit and a higher purpose.

“When we sat for the examination of all directors from the 21 local government areas last year, I placed second,” Mr. Chidozie recounted. “On April 24, 2024, I was appointed as the Head of the Local Government Area (HLGA) of Njikoka, and on May 22, 2024, I became the Chairman of my local government area. I believe God has remembered persons with disabilities through me. This is a joyous occasion for the entire disability community in Nigeria.”

Hailing from Awkuzu in Oyi Local Government Area, Mr. Chidozie was appointed HLGA of Njikoka Local Government Area. Following Governor Soludo’s directive, his ascension to the chairmanship of Njikoka signifies a historic first for Nigeria.

A Call for Inclusive Governance

Barr. Ugwuaneke’s message also highlighted the broader implications of Mr. Chidozie’s appointment. She called for continued advocacy and support for individuals with disabilities, urging governmental and non-governmental organizations to prioritize inclusivity.

“As we celebrate this historic achievement, we must continue to advocate for policies that promote inclusivity,” she stated. “We must ensure that individuals with disabilities are given equal opportunities to contribute to society at all levels.”

Mr. Chidozie’s Vision for Njikoka

In his new role, Mr. Chidozie is committed to driving development and addressing the needs of his constituents, with a particular focus on inclusivity. He plans to improve infrastructure, enhance educational opportunities, and promote social welfare programs that cater to all community members, including those with disabilities.

“I am deeply honored by this opportunity and am committed to serving the people of Njikoka with dedication and transparency,” he affirmed. “This role is about proving that with the right support and determination, individuals with disabilities can lead and make significant contributions to our society.”

A Beacon of Hope and Progress

Mr. Chidozie’s appointment is more than a personal achievement; it is a beacon of hope for many. It challenges stereotypes and showcases the potential of individuals with disabilities to lead and excel. His leadership is expected to inspire other states and institutions to embrace more inclusive practices.

Governor Soludo’s decision to appoint the highest-ranking officials as acting chairpersons was aimed at ensuring continuity and stability in local governance. This move has inadvertently highlighted the capabilities of individuals with disabilities, setting a precedent for future appointments and fostering a more inclusive approach to leadership.

Looking Forward

As Mr. Chidozie begins his tenure, he is supported by a community of advocates and well-wishers eager to see him succeed. His leadership is expected to bring a fresh perspective to local governance, emphasizing inclusivity and reflecting the diverse capabilities of all individuals.

The appointment of Mr. Obimbekwe Martin Chidozie as the acting chairman of Njikoka Local Government Area is a transformative moment in Nigerian history. It is a powerful reminder that inclusivity and diversity enrich our communities and strengthen our governance structures. His success will undoubtedly inspire others and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable society.


Mr. Chidozie’s rise to the chairmanship of Njikoka Local Government Area is a landmark achievement that sets a powerful example for inclusive leadership in Nigeria. It demonstrates that with dedication, competence, and support, individuals with disabilities can achieve remarkable success and lead their communities effectively. As Nigeria continues to progress towards greater inclusivity, the success of leaders like Mr. Chidozie will serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all.



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