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Celebrating Children’s Day 2024: A Special Event for Children with Disabilities Hosted by Dr. James David Lalu

Abuja, Nigeria – In a heartfelt celebration of Children’s Day 2024, Dr. James David Lalu, the Executive Secretary of the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD), hosted a memorable event dedicated to children with disabilities. The theme of the event, “For Every Child, Every Right,” underscored the importance of equal opportunities and rights for all children, emphasizing the need for an inclusive society where every child’s potential is recognized and nurtured.

The event was graced by students from the FCT School for the Blind, Jabi, and the FCT School for the Deaf, Kuje. These young attendees were warmly welcomed and participated in a series of activities designed to celebrate their abilities and foster a sense of community and inclusion.

A Day of Celebration and Unity

Dr. Lalu’s address to the gathering highlighted the significance of inclusive education and the urgent need to eradicate discrimination against children with disabilities. He called for comprehensive support from all sectors of society to ensure that every child, irrespective of their physical or sensory impairments, has access to quality education and equal opportunities to thrive.

“Inclusivity is not merely a policy; it is a commitment that we must all embrace,” Dr. Lalu stated. “Our children with disabilities deserve the same opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed as any other child. Today, we celebrate not just Children’s Day, but the boundless potential of every child.”

The event’s highlight was a cake-cutting ceremony, symbolizing unity and shared joy among all attendees. The children from both schools actively participated, their smiles and laughter resonating through the venue, reinforcing the day’s message of equality and inclusivity.

An Inspirational Tour and Talk

Following the cake-cutting, the children were given a tour of the Commission’s office. This tour aimed to acquaint them with the institution’s work and inspire them to envision a future where they too can contribute significantly to society. The children’s curiosity and enthusiasm were met with informative and encouraging responses from the staff, making the experience both educational and uplifting.

A particularly poignant moment of the day was Dr. Lalu’s 30-minute inspirational talk, which aimed to renew the children’s hope for a better and inclusive future. He shared stories of successful individuals with disabilities, illustrating that with determination and support, they too can achieve their dreams.

“Your potential is limitless,” Dr. Lalu encouraged. “You have the strength and capability to overcome any challenge. Believe in yourselves, for we believe in you.”

Acknowledgements and Gratitude

The success of the event was made possible by the unwavering support of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR, whose commitment to disability inclusion was profoundly acknowledged. Dr. Lalu extended heartfelt gratitude to the President for his dedication to creating an inclusive environment where all children can flourish.

“We are deeply grateful to President Tinubu for his steadfast support and for championing the cause of disability inclusion. His leadership inspires us to continue our efforts towards a society where every child is valued and given the opportunity to succeed,” Dr. Lalu stated.

Looking Forward

As the event drew to a close, a palpable sense of hope and optimism filled the air. The celebration not only honored the spirit of Children’s Day but also reaffirmed the collective resolve to foster an inclusive environment for all children in Nigeria.

“Happy Children’s Day to all of us,” concluded Dr. Lalu. “We were all once children, and it is our duty to ensure that today’s children have a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow.”

The day ended with promises of continued support and efforts to advance the rights and inclusion of children with disabilities. The event served as a powerful reminder that when communities come together, they can create a world where every child, regardless of their abilities, can dream and achieve their fullest potential.

This Children’s Day celebration was a testament to the power of unity, compassion, and the unwavering belief that every child deserves a chance to shine. With leaders like Dr. James David Lalu and the support of the wider community, the future looks promising for children with disabilities in Nigeria.



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