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FG Rolls Out Food Palliative for 2,000 Persons with Disabilities in Northeastern Nigeria

In a significant move to alleviate hardship and promote social inclusion, the Federal Government has commenced the distribution of food items and cash to 2,000 vulnerable individuals and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Nigeria’s Northeastern region. This initiative was officially launched by Hon. Mohammed Abba Isa, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Special Needs and Equal Opportunities, during a ceremony in Damaturu, Yobe State.

The initiative aims to support at least 500 PWD households in Yobe and a total of 2,000 households across the entire Northeast. The support package includes essential food supplies, such as bags of rice, and cash distributions designed to mitigate the adverse effects of the recent removal of fuel subsidies.

“About 2,000 beneficiaries are being targeted in the Northeast because the region has the highest number of Persons with Disabilities as a result of the Boko Haram insurgency,” explained Isa. “The number of internally displaced people and vulnerable groups in the Northeast has skyrocketed due to the onslaught of the terrorist group.”

The distribution marks a critical step in the government’s broader efforts to address food insecurity and promote social inclusion among Nigeria’s most vulnerable populations. The initiative reflects the Tinubu administration’s commitment to ensuring that no segment of the population is left behind, particularly in regions severely affected by conflict and displacement.

Yobe State, which has been significantly impacted by the Boko Haram insurgency, was chosen as the starting point for the initiative. The choice underscores the pressing need to support those who have been disproportionately affected by the conflict, particularly PWDs who face additional challenges in such a volatile environment.

A committee has been established to oversee the distribution process, ensuring that it is carried out efficiently and transparently. This committee is working closely with local authorities and community leaders to accurately identify beneficiaries and ensure that the aid reaches those most in need.

“The distribution will continue across the remaining states in the region,” Isa noted, emphasizing the government’s resolve to extend this support to all affected areas. This structured approach aims to provide immediate relief while also fostering longer-term resilience among vulnerable communities.

The announcement was met with appreciation and relief by many local residents. For many PWDs and their families, the support offers a crucial lifeline amidst ongoing economic challenges exacerbated by policy changes like the removal of fuel subsidies.

One beneficiary, Aisha Mohammed, expressed her gratitude, stating, “This support means a lot to us. It shows that the government is thinking about people like us who often feel forgotten. With the rising cost of living, every bit of help counts.”

This initiative is part of a broader strategy by the Tinubu administration to address the multifaceted issues of poverty and exclusion in Nigeria. By focusing on the Northeast, the government is addressing a region that has borne the brunt of insurgency and instability, striving to restore hope and improve living conditions for its residents.

In the coming weeks, the government plans to roll out similar initiatives in other states within the region, ensuring a comprehensive approach to tackling food insecurity and fostering inclusive development. The efforts aim not only to provide immediate relief but also to pave the way for sustainable development and resilience among Nigeria’s most vulnerable populations.



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