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C’River APC PWDs Applaud Gov Otu for Asikpo Okon’s Approval as State Secretary

By Denis Inakefe | May 26, 2024

In a landmark move that underscores the growing inclusivity within the political landscape of Cross River State, members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) with disabilities have voiced their profound gratitude to Governor Sen. Prince Bassey Otu. The commendation comes following the governor’s approval and swearing-in of several members into the state executive committee of the CRS APC, with particular excitement surrounding the nomination of Hon. Patrick Asikpo Okon as State Secretary.

Hon. Patrick Asikpo Okon, affectionately known as Hon. Petido, has garnered widespread recognition for his inclusive approach toward individuals with disabilities and women. Celebrated for his humility, resilience, and effectiveness, Hon. Petido’s appointment has been met with enthusiasm both within and beyond the APC. His impeccable record of excellence and his reputation as a bridge-builder and detail-oriented leader have made him a fitting choice for this pivotal role.

The endorsement of Hon. Petido as State Secretary is seen by many as a significant step towards a more inclusive and representative political structure within the APC. Members of the APC with disabilities have expressed their optimism that his leadership, in synergy with State Chairman Barr. Alphonsus Eba, will foster a more disability-inclusive democracy and governance. This collaboration is expected to support the successful launch of the APC Disability Wing during the upcoming membership registration, further embedding inclusivity within the party’s framework.

In their statements, APC members with disabilities extended heartfelt congratulations to Hon. Patrick Asikpo Okon and other officers appointed to fill vacant positions within the party. They expressed confidence in the future trajectory of the APC under this new, inclusive leadership. “Hon. Petido’s exemplary work and his commitment to inclusivity are well known,” they remarked. “We are confident that his appointment will bring about positive changes and encourage broader participation from all segments of society.”

The members also took the opportunity to encourage Hon. Petido to continue his outstanding work. They offered their prayers for greater grace, wisdom, and divine guidance as he navigates the complexities of his new role. “We believe that with his leadership, the APC will not only grow stronger but will also set a precedent for other political parties in terms of inclusivity and representation,” they stated.

Governor Sen. Prince Bassey Otu’s decision to appoint Hon. Petido as State Secretary has been lauded as a progressive step towards inclusive governance. It reflects a broader recognition of the need for diverse voices in leadership positions. This move is particularly significant in Cross River State, where the involvement of persons with disabilities in political processes has historically been limited.

The synergy anticipated between Hon. Petido and Barr. Alphonsus Eba is expected to yield significant benefits for the APC. Their combined efforts are projected to enhance the party’s outreach and engagement with the disabled community, ensuring that their voices are heard and their needs addressed. This is seen as a crucial development in promoting a more inclusive and participatory political environment in Cross River State.

The APC’s initiative to create a Disability Wing is a testament to the party’s commitment to inclusivity. By facilitating the participation of persons with disabilities in the political process, the party is not only broadening its base but also ensuring that its policies and programs reflect the needs and aspirations of all citizens. This initiative is expected to set a benchmark for other political parties and foster a more inclusive political culture in Nigeria.

In conclusion, the appointment of Hon. Patrick Asikpo Okon as State Secretary of the CRS APC marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of inclusive governance. His leadership, in collaboration with Barr. Alphonsus Eba, is poised to bring about meaningful changes that will benefit the disabled community and the wider populace. As the APC moves forward with its inclusive agenda, the support and enthusiasm from its members with disabilities signal a hopeful future for a more representative and equitable political landscape in Cross River State.



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