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Voice PWD COP Launches “Compass To Disability Inclusion” to Simplify Disability Act

In a groundbreaking move towards fostering greater understanding and inclusion for persons with disabilities (PWDs), the Voice Persons With Disabilities Community Of Practice (COP) recently unveiled the “Compass To Disability Inclusion.” This simplified version of the Disability Act aims to demystify legal complexities and promote accessibility to vital information for both PWDs and the wider public.

The launch took center stage during a dynamic Two-Day Stakeholders Forum organized by the Persons With Disabilities Community Of Practice in Abuja on May 7th and 8th, 2024. Under the theme “Unlocking The Potentials: Mainstreaming Disability Inclusion,” the event served as a pivotal platform for dialogue and action towards creating a more inclusive society.

Facilitated as part of the Voice Linking and Learning project implemented by Cognito, the launch of the “Compass To Disability Inclusion” marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to promote disability rights and empower PWDs in Nigeria.

Akom Nya, the Voice Coordinator in Nigeria, emphasized the importance of simplifying the Disability Law to ensure widespread understanding among the public. By breaking down complex legal jargon, the Compass aims to facilitate quicker comprehension and adherence to disability rights and regulations.

Uchechukwu CSP, representing the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC), commended the organizers for the enlightening forum. He highlighted the invaluable insights gained, particularly for NSCDC’s disability desk officers, in enhancing disability inclusion within the organization’s operations. He pledged to cascade the key takeaways to all state disability desk officers to bolster the implementation of disability rights through NSCDC.

“Favour Adjara, the leader of Voice Persons With Disabilities Community Of Practice (COP), emphasized the significance of the “Compass To Disability Inclusion” in deepening understanding of the Disability Act among PWDs and the public. The document not only simplifies the Act but also incorporates rights-based language and acceptable terminology on disability issues, fostering a more inclusive discourse.

The launch of the “Compass To Disability Inclusion” represents a pivotal step towards promoting accessibility and understanding of disability rights in Nigeria. By offering a simplified version of the cumbersome Disability Act, the Compass seeks to empower individuals to navigate their rights and obligations with ease.

In addition to the English version, the group also produced Braille and audio versions of the Compass, ensuring accessibility for individuals with visual impairments.

The two-day event attracted a diverse array of stakeholders, including Organizations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs), and Media Practitioners. Through informative sessions on topics such as Understanding Disability, Mainstreaming Disability Rights, Media Accessibility, and National Accessibility Standards, participants engaged in robust discussions and knowledge sharing to drive meaningful change.

As Nigeria strides towards a more inclusive society, initiatives like the “Compass To Disability Inclusion” serve as catalysts for progress, empowering individuals with disabilities to claim their rights and contribute meaningfully to national development. The call for inclusivity extends to all members of society, reminding us that disability is everyone’s business and that each individual has a role to play in fostering a more equitable and inclusive future.



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