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IFA Empowers PWDs On Financial And Digital Literacy in Abuja

In a bid to empower Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) and bridge the digital skills gap, the Inclusive Friends Association, with support from the Disability Rights Fund, has organized a two-day financial literacy training in Abuja. The event, which aims to benefit no fewer than 100 PWDs, seeks to equip participants with essential digital skills for enhanced livelihoods.

Grace Jerry, the Executive Director of IFA, welcomed participants and highlighted the significance of the program in enhancing the economic prospects of PWDs. She emphasized the need to address the prevalent lack of digital skills among this demographic, which often hampers their performance in workplaces.

Representing Grace Jerry, Mirian Tim-Timat, the Human Resources Manager of IFA, explained that the training is divided into two seasons, with the current session hosting 50 participants. The focus of the program includes digital marketing skills, Microsoft proficiency, presentation skills, and other essential competencies to empower PWDs to compete effectively in the workforce.

Peter Akunnusi, Head of Programme at Techherng and a resource person at the workshop, expressed optimism about the potential impact of the training. He stressed the importance of equipping PWDs with digital skills to enable them to thrive in today’s increasingly digital economy.

Mr. Theophilus Odaodu, the Program Manager for West Africa at the Disability Rights Fund, underscored the significance of bridging the digital gap among PWDs and the general population. He emphasized the importance of promoting full participation and competitiveness among PWDs, particularly in the youth demographic.

Participants like Ugochi Nwadike expressed appreciation for the workshop, describing it as an eye-opener that has exposed them to new technologies essential for their daily lives. The training aims not only to impart knowledge and skills but also to empower PWDs to navigate the digital world confidently and competitively.

The initiative represents a concerted effort to promote inclusivity and empower PWDs to reach their full potential in today’s digital age. Through collaborative efforts and targeted programs like these, stakeholders aim to create a more inclusive society where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive and succeed.



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