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Empowering Media Practitioners: CCD Hosts Workshop on Disability-Inclusive Justice Reporting

On Tuesday, May 7th, 2024, the Centre for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD) hosted a dynamic one-day capacity-building workshop tailored for media practitioners. Themed “Effective Media Reportage for a Disability-Inclusive Justice System,” the program aimed to enrich participants’ understanding of reporting on disability issues to foster equitable access to justice for all.

The event commenced with an invigorating opening remark by Mrs. Florence Austin, representing the Management of CCD. Mrs. Austin warmly welcomed attendees to the workshop, encouraging them to actively participate and glean insights into delivering high-quality media coverage of disability-related topics. The occasion was further graced by goodwill messages from select organizations and government institutions, underscoring the collaborative spirit driving the initiative.

The workshop unfolded into an interactive and enlightening session, featuring a series of engaging presentations tailored to equip media practitioners with essential knowledge and skills. The first presentation, led by Ms. Tosin Aniramu, delved into “Understanding Disability Models and Terminologies.” Participants were introduced to diverse perspectives on disability and equipped with the necessary terminology to navigate this complex terrain effectively.

Following this enlightening session, Ms. Blessing Oladunjoye took the floor to deliver a compelling presentation titled “Media Ethics and Responsibility in Disability-Inclusive Justice Reporting.” This segment shed light on the myriad challenges faced by people with disabilities in accessing justice. It emphasized the ethical considerations paramount for journalists, discussed common pitfalls in reporting disability-inclusive justice issues, and offered practical recommendations for responsible journalism.

The final presentation, titled “Disability Rights and Advocacy,” was expertly facilitated by Mr. David Anyaele. Mr. Anyaele elucidated the legal frameworks underpinning access to justice for persons with disabilities, explored effective advocacy strategies, and elucidated pertinent terminologies essential for informed reporting.

Participants actively engaged in group activities, delving into contemporary issues poised to enhance their role in promoting access to justice through media advocacy. In a stirring conclusion, Mrs. Florence Austin reiterated the significance of the workshop’s objectives, underscoring the pivotal role of media practitioners in shaping public perceptions and driving social change.

The workshop, a collaborative effort between the Centre for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD) and Voice, exemplified a concerted commitment to fostering a more inclusive and equitable society. Through knowledge-sharing and collaboration, media practitioners emerged equipped with the tools and insights needed to champion the cause of disability-inclusive justice reporting, thereby advancing the rights and dignity of all citizens.

The event marked a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to create a more just and inclusive society, reaffirming the collective resolve to leave no one behind in the pursuit of social justice and equality.



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