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World White Cane Day: History Behind The Celebration

In 2023, we commemorate World White Cane Day, celebrating the history and significance of the white cane as both a tool and a symbol for visually impaired individuals. This tradition began after World War 1 when James Biggs, a British photographer,, who became blind due to accident, introduced the white cane in 1921.

White Cane Safety Day, observed on October 15th each year, not only marks the achievements of visually impaired people but also highlights the importance of the white cane in promoting their independence. It was a significant step in granting legal protection and right-of-way to visually impaired pedestrians carrying white canes, with the first special White Cane Ordinance enacted in December 1930 in Peoria, Illinois.

This tradition gained national recognition when, in 1964, a joint resolution of Congress authorized the President to proclaim October 15th as White Cane Safety Day. Since then, this day has served as a reminder of the white cane’s role in enhancing mobility and breaking down societal barriers for visually impaired individuals. It reflects the progress made in recognizing the independence and dignity of those with disabilities.

On October 15, 2000, President Bill Clinton once again reminded the world of the history of the white cane as a tool and its role as a symbol of blindness. He emphasized that, with proper training, individuals using the white cane can achieve greater mobility and safety by identifying curbs, steps, uneven pavement, and other physical obstacles in their path.

The white cane has granted them the freedom to travel independently to their schools and workplaces, enabling them to participate more fully in their communities. It serves as a reminder that the only barriers facing people with disabilities are the discriminatory attitudes and practices that our society has too often placed in their way. As we observe White Cane Safety Day, let us reflect on the history of the white cane, its evolution as both a tool and a symbol throughout history, a symbol of independence.

Let us also remember the events that have allowed us to celebrate October 15th as White Cane Safety Day.
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