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TAF Africa Urges President Tinubu to Prioritize Persons with Disabilities Amid Economic Challenges

Calls for Inclusive Measures in Education, Transportation, and Access to Essential Resources.

In a compelling plea for a more nuanced and empathetic approach to addressing the needs of the most vulnerable, TAF Africa founder, Jake Epelle, has urged President Bola Tinubu to take decisive action, particularly in support of persons with disabilities.

During a media briefing held in Abuja, Epelle drew attention to the pressing issue of soaring inflation rates, significantly impacting the purchasing power of Nigerians and creating barriers to essential services such as healthcare, education, transportation, and food.

Highlighting the profound consequences of the economic downturn, Epelle stressed that many Nigerians are spiraling further into poverty and desperation, with persons with disabilities bearing a disproportionate brunt due to existing societal and infrastructural challenges.

The founder of TAF Africa underscored the critical need for President Tinubu to consider the increasing costs of vital resources for persons with disabilities, including medications, assistive devices, food, and specialized care, thereby jeopardizing their well-being and independence.

In response to these challenges, Epelle proposed the inclusion of persons with disabilities in committees addressing the economic downturn’s specific challenges. He recommended the establishment of food banks and the issuance of food stamps across the 774 local governments or six geopolitical zones in the country to support those in need.

To further aid persons with disabilities, Epelle advocated for increased resources for inclusive education initiatives. This includes teacher training, provision of assistive technologies, subsidization of school fees, and the creation of accessible learning environments tailored to the needs of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs).

Transportation, an essential aspect of daily life, was also a focal point, with Epelle urging prioritization in the development and maintenance of affordable and accessible infrastructure for persons with disabilities. Additionally, he stressed the importance of skills development programs designed specifically for their unique needs and abilities.

In his heartfelt advice to President Tinubu, Epelle emphasized the paramount need to ensure that no Nigerian, especially persons with disabilities, is left behind in the collective journey towards economic recovery and social development in the country.



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