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NCPWD Shines Spotlight on Deaf-Blind Awareness

NCPWD Initiates Collaborative Efforts to Address Challenges Faced by Deaf-Blind Community in Nigeria

In a concerted effort to raise awareness and address the unique challenges faced by individuals with Deaf-Blindness in Nigeria, the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD) has embarked on a proactive campaign aimed at fostering inclusivity and support for this underserved community.

In a recent press release issued by Mbanefo JohnMichaels Ikechukwu, Head of the Press and Public Relations Unit at NCPWD, Dr. James David Lalu, the Executive Secretary, underscored the pressing need to recognize and prioritize the needs of individuals grappling with Deaf-Blindness within the broader disability landscape.

Describing Deaf-Blindness as a complex and often overlooked form of dual-sensory impairment, Dr. Lalu emphasized the importance of providing specialized care and educational opportunities tailored to the unique needs of individuals with this condition.

Central to the Commission’s strategy is a collaborative partnership with Lions Heart Ability International Foundation, aimed at amplifying awareness and advocacy efforts for the Deaf-Blind community. Dr. Lalu reaffirmed the Commission’s commitment to working closely with the Foundation to gather data on Deaf-Blind individuals, with a view to developing targeted educational initiatives and scholarship programs.

In addition to education, the Commission has also prioritized the enhancement of accessibility and communication services for Deaf-Blind individuals. Dr. Lalu announced plans to review the existing code of conduct for sign language interpreters to better accommodate the unique communication needs of the Deaf-Blind population.

Responding to the Commission’s proactive stance, Mr. Solomon Okelola, Executive Director of Lions Heart Ability International Foundation (LALIF), expressed profound gratitude for the collaborative efforts aimed at addressing the plight of the Deaf-Blind community. Okelola highlighted the challenges faced by Deaf-Blind individuals, including limited access to education and communication barriers, underscoring the urgent need for concerted action.

In a recent appearance on the popular radio program “Brekete Family” on Human Rights Radio, Okelola shed light on the alarming lack of educational opportunities for Deaf-Blind individuals across various states in Nigeria. Citing findings from a recent survey conducted by Lions Heart International Foundation, Okelola revealed stark disparities in educational attainment among Deaf-Blind individuals, urging for increased support and investment in specialized education and tactile communication services.

As the Commission and its partners continue to spearhead advocacy efforts and initiatives to promote Deaf-Blind awareness and inclusivity, stakeholders remain optimistic about the potential for positive change and meaningful impact in the lives of individuals with this unique form of disability.



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