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Edo State Government Commits to Supporting Persons With Disabilities Amidst Economic Challenges, Assures Implementation of Inclusive Policies

Barr. Melody Omosah Highlights Collaborative Efforts to Address Needs of PWDs, Urges Media Support in Amplifying Their Voices

In a resolute stance to address the pressing needs of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) amidst economic challenges, the Edo State Government has pledged its unwavering support and commitment to implementing inclusive and sustainable programs and policies aimed at mitigating the impact of recent economic reforms.

During a press briefing held in Benin City, Edo State capital, on Tuesday, 19th March, 2024, Barr. Melody Omosah, Convener of the Edo State Persons With Disability (PWDs), underscored the government’s proactive response to the call for collective action in safeguarding the welfare and livelihoods of individuals with disabilities.

Highlighting the adverse effects of the removal of fuel subsidy and the dollarization of the economy on vulnerable segments of society, particularly PWDs, Omosah emphasized the urgent need for immediate interventions to alleviate their plight and ensure their survival in the aftermath of these policy changes.

Acknowledging the collaborative efforts between the Edo Disability Forum (EDF) and various government agencies, Omosah commended the State Government for its receptiveness and commitment to addressing the needs of PWDs. He lauded the hospitality and open-mindedness displayed during engagements with representatives from relevant ministries, affirming their willingness to implement recommended measures to support PWDs.

While expressing gratitude for the State Government’s proactive stance, Omosah urged the media to play a pivotal role in amplifying the voices of PWDs and raising awareness about the importance of collective action in addressing their needs. He emphasized the significance of media support in garnering public attention and facilitating meaningful change for the disability community.

Detailing the positive outcomes of engagements with key stakeholders, including the Managing Director of Edo State Transport Authority and various ministries, Omosah highlighted the forum’s advocacy for the establishment of the Edo State Persons with Disability Commission as a sustainable mechanism for addressing disability-related issues.

In response, the Honorable Commissioner of Social Development and Gender Issues expressed confidence in the establishment of the Disability Commission before the end of the current administration, affirming the ministry’s continued commitment to involving PWDs in its programs and initiatives.

As Edo State embarks on a journey towards inclusivity and empowerment for PWDs, stakeholders remain optimistic about the potential for positive change and meaningful impact in the lives of individuals with disabilities, underscoring the importance of collaborative efforts and sustained advocacy in driving social transformation.



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