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Miss Health 2022: Who Wears The Crown Of Adjudged Nigeria’s Most Educative Beauty pageant?

From its inception, Miss Health Beauty Pageant Nigeria has been adjudged Nigeria’s Most focused , Educative and defined pageant, riding on the crest of creating disease awareness for Nigerians and proffering means of prevention in addition to managing it.

In a press release signed by Nicholas Bebiem, CEO, Bebiem Entertainment and Miss Health International Foundation, Miss Health Beauty Pageant Nigeria has been at the forefront of health education and awareness in Nigeria. As a trademark of Miss Health Foundation and managed by Bibiem Entertainment, the Pageant has continued to be a beckon of hope for qualitative health awareness with an impact on communities and society at large, even up to making a global impact.

Awareness is essential for prevention, early detection, and targeted therapy, which is key to ensuring effective treatment. Being aware of a disease and its symptoms means people are more likely to take preventative action and go for screenings, tests, and check-ups.

Thus, the managers of Miss Health Beauty Pageant believe that a lack of awareness of diseases or knowledge of options for screening and treatment is a serious barrier to good health; often, it means the difference between life and death, particularly cancer.

In recognition of this, through our Queens, we are building partnerships with patient groups, hospitals, and health organizations in Nigeria to increase awareness of diseases such as cancer, hepatitis, tuberculosis, HIV, HPV, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes – we are also using digital solutions to help with remote diagnosis and train healthcare workers virtually, which is particularly valuable in regions with limited pathology services.

Suffice to say, we support local community partners to run screening, awareness, and counseling programs to empower people with the knowledge to safeguard and manage their health.

As the most educative pageant in Nigeria, our programs over the years aimed at giving clear, transparent, and relevant information about diseases and the different solutions available to healthcare professionals, caregivers and patients help empower people to seek the care they need.

The 2022 edition of the Miss Health Beauty Pageant Nigeria, which is scheduled to hold later this year is designed to raise confident, elegant, and inspirational women who would use the power of their inner strength and character to galvanize a large army of stakeholders towards effective access to healthcare.

Miss Health Beauty Pageant Nigeria is not just about the funfair of crowning beauty queens, but a platform aimed at discovering and encouraging talented female youths in Nigeria to participate effectively in championing charity campaigns and health issues in Nigeria.

As a basic requirement, the final contestants selected from all parts of the country for the prestigious royal crown must champion a health issue that is important to them and meets the need of humanity.

Miss Health Beauty Pageant Nigeria is built on the understanding that women are the catalyst to national development thus the need to create such a platform whose mandate amongst others is to build confidence, inspire hope, empower through entrepreneurship skills, and groom women into agents of social and economic change.

For sponsorship and inquiries on the 2022 Miss Health Beauty Pageant!!! Text or WhatsApp or 08066348231.



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