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Linda Osifo’s Foundation Donates Computers To Orphanage

By Segun Adebayo

It is no news that schools have been shut down in Nigeria and all over the world, due to the continuous rise in the COVID-19 virus cases. This has led many institutions to propagate online classes for their students, many of whom have had poor turn-outs as they do not have access to computers and the internet.

The LAO Foundation (Love And Oneness), founded by actress, Linda Osifo, recognized this problem and on Sunday, July 26, 2020, made donations of seven sets of computers to the Little Saints Orphanage, Shasha, Akowonjo, who were in dire need of a standard ICT structure.

Overwhelmed with joy while receiving these donations, the founder of Little Saints Orphanage, Akowonjo, Reverend (Mrs) Dele George expressed:

‘’I was contacted by the LAO team who stated their intentions to donate sets of desktop computers to the orphanage. I was overjoyed as it was a very timely intervention and we are indeed grateful for this donation. We lay so much emphasis on education here at Little Saints because, without it, these children’s past will continue to haunt them and they won’t be able to live a financially independent life when they leave the orphanage’’.

She added further: “There is no way the history of Little Saints will be written without the mention of the LAO Foundation, and because of this act of kindness, we will be adding Linda Osifo’s name to our hall of fame.”

Nigerian Tribune



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