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Inclusive Voice for Women and Youth Initiative Promotes Accessibility at REDAN Inauguration Ceremony

In a pivotal moment for inclusivity in Nigeria’s real estate sector, the Inclusive Voice for Women and Youth Initiative made a profound impact during the inauguration ceremony of the Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN), Abuja Chapter. The initiative seized the opportunity to educate and advocate for the implementation of crucial aspects of the disability act, particularly focusing on Part 2 which addresses the accessibility of public buildings.

Jane Akpaeva Okeoghene, The founder, CEO, Inclusive Voice For Women And Youths, making speech at the event.

The event, held in Abuja, served as a platform for the initiative to enlighten REDAN members on the vital guidelines outlined in the accessibility code. These guidelines are pivotal in fostering universal design principles, ensuring that building structures accommodate individuals of all abilities by eliminating physical barriers and enhancing overall accessibility.

Central to the initiative’s message was the integration of accessibility guidelines into the planning and construction phases of real estate projects. By embedding these principles early on, developers can play a pivotal role in creating environments where everyone, irrespective of physical ability, can comfortably and independently access public spaces.

The session featured detailed presentations and interactive discussions that provided REDAN members with valuable insights into aligning their projects with legal requirements and ethical standards related to accessibility. Practical examples and best practices were also shared, illustrating how accessible design can be effectively implemented without compromising architectural integrity.

“This initiative underscores our commitment to fostering inclusivity across all sectors,” remarked a representative from the Inclusive Voice for Women and Youth Initiative. “By collaborating with industry leaders like REDAN, we aim to catalyze a societal shift towards environments where the rights and needs of persons with disabilities are not just acknowledged, but actively supported.”

The engagement of the Inclusive Voice for Women and Youth Initiative in this landmark event signifies their ongoing dedication to advocating for inclusivity and accessibility. By partnering with REDAN and other key stakeholders, they are driving tangible progress towards a more equitable society where accessibility is a fundamental aspect of urban development.

As Nigeria’s real estate landscape evolves, initiatives like these are pivotal in ensuring that future developments prioritize inclusivity from inception. Through education, advocacy, and collaborative efforts, the Inclusive Voice for Women and Youth Initiative continues to pave the way for a future where every individual can participate fully in public life, regardless of physical ability.



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