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Gov. Otti appoints David Anyaele as Chairman, Abia State Disability Commission

In a groundbreaking move toward inclusivity and accessibility, Abia State Governor Alex Otti has announced the appointment of David Anyaele as the Chairman of Abia State Disability Commission. Mr. Anyaele, who previously served as the Special Assistant on Disability Matters to the governor, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to his new role.

Joining Anyaele on the commission are Emenike Amakwe, Comrade Stanley Onyebuchi, Sophia Chinenye Ogboso, among others. This diverse and passionate team is expected to spearhead significant changes and advocate for the rights and needs of persons with disabilities (PWDs) throughout the state.

A Vision Realized

The appointment of board members of the Abia State Disability Commission marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a more inclusive and accessible society. Governor Otti’s commitment to fulfilling his promise of prioritizing disability matters is evident in these strategic appointments

David Anyaele, a respected advocate for PWDs, has been instrumental in shaping disability policies and programs in Abia State and beyond. His leadership and firsthand experience in navigating the challenges faced by the disability community will be invaluable in driving the commission’s agenda forward. Anyaele’s appointment has been met with widespread acclaim, as his dedication and advocacy have earned him the trust and respect of many within the disability community.

Empowering Voices

Emenike Amakwe, another key appointee, brings a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by PWDs. His background in community organizing and advocacy will be crucial in ensuring that the commission remains connected to the grassroots and addresses the real needs of PWDs across Abia State.

Comrade Stanley Onyebuchi, the National President of Nigeria Association of the Blind (NAB), known for his unwavering commitment to social justice, adds a vital perspective to the commission. His experience in labor and community rights activism will be instrumental in advocating for fair treatment and opportunities for PWDs in the workplace and beyond.

Sophia Chinenye Ogboso, with a wonderful background in advancing disability inclusion , completes the initial team. Her expertise in these areas will help in developing programs that not only support PWDs but also promote their integration and participation in all aspects of society.

Celebrating Progress

The appointments have been widely celebrated by the disability community in Abia State. Many see this as a long-awaited acknowledgment of their struggles and aspirations. “This is a significant achievement for us,” said Comrade Onyebuchi Mba, Chairman, Joint National Association of Persons With Disabilities (JONAPWD) Enugu State . “For years, we have been fighting for our voices to be heard and our needs to be addressed. With this commission, we finally have a platform to effect real change.”

The establishment of the Abia State Disability Commission is a testament to Governor Otti’s commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where every citizen, regardless of their abilities, has the opportunity to thrive. By appointing dedicated and experienced individuals to the commission, the governor has laid a strong foundation for meaningful progress.

Looking Ahead

As the commission begins its work, there is a palpable sense of optimism and hope within the disability community. The new team is expected to address a wide range of issues, from improving accessibility in public spaces to ensuring equal opportunities in education and employment. They will also play a crucial role in advocating for policies that protect the rights of PWDs and promote their full participation in society.

Governor Otti’s administration has set a high bar for inclusivity and accessibility. By prioritizing disability matters and appointing a capable and passionate team, the governor has shown that he is serious about making Abia State a more equitable place for all its residents.

A Call to Action

The appointment made for Abia State Disability Commission is not just a victory for the disability community; it is a call to action for other states and leaders to follow suit. Inclusivity should be a priority everywhere, and the steps taken by Abia State should inspire others to take similar actions.

As David Anyaele and his team begin their work, the eyes of the nation will be on Abia State. There is great anticipation for the positive changes and improvements that this commission will bring. May their efforts pave the way for a more inclusive, accessible, and just society for all.


The journey towards inclusivity is a long one, but with dedicated individuals like those appointed to the Abia State Disability Commission, significant strides can be made. As the disability community celebrates this achievement, they also look forward to the future with renewed hope and determination. Governor Otti’s commitment to keeping his promise has set a precedent that will undoubtedly inspire others. May this landmark moment mark the beginning of a new era of empowerment and equality for persons with disabilities in Abia State.

About the Author: [Agbo Christian Obiora] is a journalist with a keen interest in social justice and advocacy. They have been covering issues related to persons with disabilities for several years and are dedicated to highlighting the voices and stories that often go unheard.



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