Monday, July 4, 2022
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CCD boss moves to reconcile JONAPWD Enugu State Chapter

by Chris Agbo

The Executive Director of Centre for Citizens With Disabilities, David Obinna Anyaele has initiated a move to resolve the leadership crisis rocking Enugu State Chapter of Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities( JONAPWD).

In virtual meetings held on Thursday and Saturday, David Anyaele summoned leadership of different clusters, the JONAPWD leadership and other individuals who are directly involved to see ways for amicable resolution of the crisis.

In his opening remarks, he stated that the palliative recently shared by the governor of the Enugu State meant for Persons with disabilities, no persons with disabilities were invited to the ceremony, investigating further, he discovered that the omission was deliberate because many fraction of persons with disabilities were writing to the government so the government do not know which group to identify with.

He went further to inform that a development partner wants to intervene in disability issues in Enugu state but they are skeptical about it because of the JONAPWD leadership tussle in Enugu State. So he made them a promise to the to wade in and see how the crisis can be resolved.

The leaders at the meetings alluded that the crisis is as a result of tribalism, mistrust, lack of cooperation, corruption, selfish and many more.

The CCD boss didn’t allow them to apportion blame to one another, according to him, he want them to chat a way forward to the problem so that they can coexist and work together for the good of the community in Enugu State.

The leaders made some suggestions that if adopted, it will help to usher in peace in the state, they talked about all parties recognizing the leadership of Barrister Gabby Nnamani and support him through their advice and an agreement should be reached to that effect to avoid further breakdown of peace. They also call for an enhanced cooperation and more acceptance of all parties involved.

Mr. David concluded by saying that he has taken note of the problems and the suggestions for peace, he suggested a later date that he will communicate all parties involved in a more expanded house to engage more and achieve en-lasting peace.

You will recall that after the tenure of Samuel Obiefuna as the Chairman of JONAPWD Enugu State, the new Executive emerged led by Barrister Gabby Nnamani, but Sam Obiefuna took the Association to court which lingered for months but the case was later struck out. Unfortunate the association have known no peace since then, some members are still undermining the powers of the present leadership which has lead to different groups making demands from government and this has made it difficult for government and every other group or organization who wishes to work with JONAPWD in the state.

The meetings saw the present of Sam Obiefuna, Barrister Gabby Nnamani( JONAPWD State Chairman), Victoria Nneji, Lucy Ejike, Nonye Ogbagu, Chris Agbo, Emmanuel Acha, Emeka Ude, Onyebuchi Mba, Chiamaka Ohalete and some others.



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