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Hafiz Oyetoro (SAKA) hosts the first virtual inclusion Concert

Hafiz Oyetoro making a speech at the concert

Yutex Entertainment on Saturday organized the first online covert CELEBRITIES PLUS VIRTUAL CONCERT, a concert designed to promote inclusive entertainment and inspire PWDs to Stardom.
The concert though it is on zoom, it created an avenue for talented upcoming artistes to rise to stardom and get empowered by showcasing various artistic and creative skills to the entire world alongside other celebrities.

Hafiz Oyetoro popularly known as SAKA, renowned nollywood actor was the host at the event. In his opening speech , he said that anybody can entertain, your looks, body structure and so on can not stop one from entertaining. Speaking further, he said that PWDs have potentials, all they need opportunity and that’s why he identify with the project to inspire them to greatness.

Prof Abiola Awosika

Grace Alexander in her goodwill message at the show hailed Saka for identifying with the project, she appreciated Raheem Olatunji the CEO of Yutex Entertainment for contributing immensely in changing the narrative, promoting inclusion. She informed that she is a proud mother of person with disability because her last son have a disability. She said that her son change her thinking about disability. According to her, PWDs are the most productive group in the world.

Prof Abiola Awosika while giving a message of hope to the Yutex Entertainment said that PWD group is so dear to her. She request that over 27million PWDs in Nigeria should be taken should serious because the number is about the size of the Lagos. She urged PWDs to purse the dreams because there is no limit to what they can achieve.

The event saw the performance of celebrities and some talented PWDs, some of them were Gifted Mouth, Icon of hope, Eaglez Voice, Mary Wilson and many others.



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