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FENRAD Applauds International IDEA for EU-ROLAC Programme in Abia State

A Commitment to Anti-Corruption, Justice Reforms, and Good Governance

Umuahia, Abia State — The Foundation for Environmental Rights, Advocacy & Development (FENRAD) has commended the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) for selecting Abia State for the second phase of the European Union-funded Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption (RoLAC) Programme. This initiative, aimed at bolstering anti-corruption measures, justice sector reforms, and good governance, marks a significant step forward in the state’s development journey.

A Landmark Initiative

The announcement was made by Mr. Danladi Plang, Head of Programme in Nigeria for International IDEA, during a working visit to the Abia State Governor, Dr. Alex Otti, OFR. Plang expressed the EU partners’ interest in including Abia State among the seven participating states for the next five years, joining the likes of Lagos, Anambra, Edo, Kano, and Adamawa states in the second phase of the project.

The visit and subsequent announcement have been met with enthusiasm by various stakeholders in the state, particularly FENRAD, an influential civil society organization dedicated to environmental justice, human rights, and sustainable development.

FENRAD’s Response and Commitment

Reacting to the announcement during a radio programme on Strengthening Open Government Partnership in Abia State, FENRAD’s Executive Director, Comrade Nelson Nnanna Nwafor, expressed excitement and welcomed the programme to the state. Nwafor commended Governor Alex Otti for his commitment and political will, which he believes were crucial in securing Abia State’s inclusion in the RoLAC Programme.

“FENRAD is thrilled by this development and fully supports the programme’s objectives,” Nwafor stated. “We are committed to enhancing the performance and oversight of the criminal justice system, increasing transparency and accountability in anti-corruption campaigns, and supporting government initiatives aimed at improved public procurement, reinforced complaint mechanisms, and enhanced civil society and citizen participation.”

Key Contributions by FENRAD

FENRAD’s role in the RoLAC Programme is multifaceted, involving various strategies to support the initiative:

  1. Advocacy and Awareness: FENRAD plans to raise public awareness about environmental rights and the rule of law. Through campaigns, seminars, and public discussions, the organization will educate citizens on their rights and the mechanisms available to protect them, fostering a culture of accountability and transparency.
  2. Legal Support and Representation: Offering legal support to individuals and communities affected by environmental injustices, FENRAD ensures that those affected can seek redress through the judicial system, thereby reinforcing the rule of law.
  3. Research and Documentation: Conducting research on environmental issues, FENRAD will document cases of environmental degradation and corruption. This research is crucial in highlighting systemic issues and informing policy recommendations, thus supporting the development of effective laws and policies.
  4. Community Engagement and Capacity Building: FENRAD will engage local communities to build their capacity to advocate for their rights and hold authorities accountable. Through workshops, training sessions, and the establishment of community watchdog groups, FENRAD empowers citizens to actively participate in governance.
  5. Collaboration with Government and Civil Society: By collaborating with government agencies, NGOs, and civil society groups, FENRAD aims to strengthen the implementation of the rule of law and anti-corruption measures. These partnerships enhance the collective effort to combat corruption and promote environmental justice.
  6. Monitoring and Reporting: FENRAD will monitor compliance with environmental laws and anti-corruption measures, reporting any violations to the relevant authorities. This watchdog role ensures that laws are enforced and violators are held accountable.
  7. Policy Advocacy: Through its policy advocacy efforts, FENRAD seeks to influence legislative and policy changes that promote environmental protection and reduce corruption. Engaging with policymakers, FENRAD aims to create a robust legal and institutional framework for addressing these issues.

Governor Otti’s Commitment

Governor Alex Otti’s administration has shown a strong commitment to good governance and anti-corruption initiatives, which has been pivotal in Abia State’s selection for the RoLAC Programme. Governor Otti has expressed his administration’s readiness to work closely with International IDEA and FENRAD to ensure the successful implementation of the programme.

“The inclusion of Abia State in this important programme is a testament to our commitment to transparency, accountability, and the rule of law,” Governor Otti remarked. “We will work diligently to meet the programme’s objectives and ensure that Abia State becomes a model for good governance and anti-corruption efforts.”

A Collaborative Effort for Sustainable Development

The RoLAC Programme’s second phase in Abia State is poised to bring about significant improvements in the justice sector and governance. With the collaborative efforts of International IDEA, FENRAD, and the state government, there is a renewed hope for sustainable development and a corruption-free society in Abia State.

As the programme unfolds, FENRAD’s proactive approach and comprehensive strategy will be crucial in driving the desired changes. The organization’s dedication to environmental justice, human rights, and sustainable development aligns perfectly with the RoLAC Programme’s goals, ensuring a brighter future for the people of Abia State.


In conclusion, the RoLAC Programme’s expansion to Abia State represents a significant milestone in the fight against corruption and the quest for good governance. With strong support from FENRAD and the commitment of Governor Alex Otti’s administration, Abia State is set to become a beacon of transparency, accountability, and justice in Nigeria. As the programme progresses, the collective efforts of all stakeholders will be instrumental in achieving lasting change and promoting a just and equitable society.

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