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Benue State Urged to Accelerate Domestication of Disability Act

Benue State finds itself in a unique position as the sole state in the North Central geopolitical zone yet to domesticate the disability act, trailing behind its counterparts. However, recent advocacy efforts led by prominent disability rights organizations aim to change this narrative.

On Monday, April 15th, 2024, the Inclusive Friends Association (IFA), Hope Alive For Possibilities Initiative (HAPI), and the Benue State chapter of the Joint Association of Persons with Disabilities convened a crucial meeting with Benue State’s Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice and Public Order, Fidelis Mnyim. The primary objective? To advocate for the domestication of the disability Act in the state.

During the meeting, emphasis was placed on the pivotal role of domesticating the law in Benue State. The consortium urged the Attorney General’s office to meticulously review and vet the draft bill. Additionally, they appealed for advisory support to legislators and the executive branch to facilitate the bill’s passage and eventual assent.

In response to these pleas, Fidelis Mnyim lauded the consortium for their tireless advocacy efforts and pledged to prioritize the review process of the draft bill within the ministry. His commitment to expediting the bill’s journey through the legislative arm was met with enthusiasm and hope by the attending organizations.

The meeting concluded with the submission of the draft disability bill for the Attorney General’s comprehensive review. This pivotal step marks a significant milestone in the ongoing campaign to ensure equal rights and opportunities for persons with disabilities in Benue State.

The collaborative efforts of organizations like IFA and HAPI underscore the unwavering commitment to driving positive change and inclusivity in the state. Led by the dedicated Grace Jerry and Aver Akighir, respectively, these organizations continue to champion the cause of disability rights with passion and determination.

As the advocacy for the domestication of the disability act gains momentum in Benue State, stakeholders remain optimistic about the prospects of achieving tangible progress towards a more inclusive and equitable society for all.

By prioritizing the needs and rights of persons with disabilities, Benue State has the opportunity to set a powerful example for the region and beyond, affirming its commitment to upholding fundamental human rights and fostering social justice for all citizens.



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