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APC Convention: Abba Isa presents manifesto, vows to fight discrimination against PWDs in Nigeria

Comrade Mohammed Abba Isa is a leader in Disability Community and a public figure in the political scene in the northeast. Going by his vast experience in leading PWDs in Northeast and also contribution in entrenching APC in Nigeria, he is presenting himself to serve his party APC in the National Working Committee as the leader of Persons With Disabilities in the APC. As a man of vision and action, who always march words with action, he has articulate his Manifesto to share with followers his dreams and aspirations for PWDs in APC and PWDs in Nigeria. It is his covenant with his people. As National Convention of the ruling party APC is slated for 26/02/2022 which Hon. Abbas has declared interest to contest the post of National Leader for Persons With Disabilities based on my experience and my commitment to the Party.

Mohammed Abba Isa

He is presenting his Manifesto;

I hereby present my Manifesto.- I appreciate the fact that our party APC was the one that signed the disability right bill into law and moved further to established a National Commission for Persons with Disabilities.

Coming from the constituency of PWDs and being someone who have vast experience and knowledge in the advocacy of the emancipation of PWDs in Nigeria,

I will profile the numbers of PWDs in our party APC to make sure that they all participate and makes their vote count during the election.

I will partner with appropriate authorities to stop the discrimination on the basis of disability in employment both in federal, state and local governments, public accommodation and transportation.

I will liaise with relevant bodies and commit them to doubling the number of PWDs benefitting from Access to free medical care, social intervention supports from Federal Government.

I will address the disability education gap, which stops people with disabilities from fulfilling their potentials by engaging the authority concerned on a way forward

Being someone that is in forefront of the advocacy of disability right both nationally and internationally, I will use my wealth of experience to attract International donor agencies to the plight of PWDs to complement the good effort of the government in alleviating the suffering of PWDs

Comrade Mohammed Abba Isa

Human Rights of persons with disabilities will be protected using the instrument of the law.-We have over 30 million people with one form of disability or the other, I will make sure 90% of them joined the ruling party through the people oriented program that will be available to them under my leadership

As a person with disability, I have attended different workshops, seminars where the cause of disability was being advanced and appropriate solution is proffered, all this will be useful if I am elected as the next national leader for PWDs in my dear party APC.



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