Monday, July 4, 2022
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TAF urges PWDs in Sokoto State to exercise their rights of political and electoral participation

The Albino Foundation’s “Inclusive Grassroot Political Participation for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)” project team in the company of the Foundation’s CEO/ Founder, Mr Jake Epelle, sensitised persons with disabilities in Sokoto on effective political and electoral participation for PWDs.

The objective of the sensitisation workshop was to raise the awareness of the disability community in the state about their right to vote and be voted for in elections.

This project, which is funded by the National Democratic Institute, aims to raise grassroots political awareness and participation amongst PWDs.

During the workshop, various challenges that PWDs face ineffective political participation were discussed, such as social discrimination, poverty and economic challenges, political dominance by Persons without Disability, education gaps, and so much more.

During this sensitisation which was attended by at least 80 PWDs cut across JONAPWD and leaders of disability clusters, TAF seized the opportunity to reiterate that PWDs have unique abilities that make them capable of assuming roles in governance. By virtue of the Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities (Prohibition) Act, 2018, especially Section 30, PWDs are encouraged to participate in politics and engage in public affairs. The government is also tasked to create an enabling environment for this participation.

To enhance political participation and inclusion in our society, PWDs must be seen as equals with others and given equal opportunities to participate in social, political and economic life. It is our dream at TAF that one day, Nigeria will have a PWD President, Governor, PWD legislators and several PWD political appointees.


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