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Street Project Foundation Empowers PWDs On Digital Skills

By Waliat Musa,

Chief Operating Officer (COO), SPF, Eduvie Olutimayin, said the initiative, which include providing training on various digital skills to PWDs across the country, graphic designing, video editing, picture editing and programming, had a significant impact on many PWDs who already lost confidence in themselves.

Olutimayin said that the Foundation had partnered with various organisations to provide paid internship opportunities for PWDs to allow them gain practical experience and refine their skills.

“We had a bit of conflict of personality. You know we are of different backgrounds. Some of them had a kind of mentality that needed to be addressed whether it is inferiority complex and the need to fight so that they can be heard. Some felt like they have to be apologetic about their existence and we had to address these things and let them know that they are like the rest of us and they have a lot to contribute to the society and not feel shamed,” she said.

The COO said the initiative had also created awareness among employers about the potential PWDs have to offer, leading to an increase in employment opportunities for them.

She, therefore, emphasised the need for an inclusive society where the PWDs, regardless of physical ability, could contribute productively.

Olutimayin urged Nigerians to watch out for the PWDs on how they are going to use their learned skills to amplify their voices.

Graphics facilitator, Digital Amazon, Henry Okonkwo, said every sector should accommodate PWDs, saying that they are humans who also have dreams and aspirations but are pulled back because of their disability.

He said: “During classes, when I want to give them notes, I usually type out the note as opposed to dictate to them on a normal setting. So, they do not have to be waiting for the translator to translate what I am trying to pass or what I want them to jot down.”

He said that the initiative served as a testament that with the right training and opportunities, PWDs could thrive in the digital age and contribute to society in meaningful ways.

One of the graduates, Akpevwe Peters, said the training had built her self-confidence and ability to speak in public.



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