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Senate To Initiate Stricter Measures Against MDAs Rejecting People with Disabilities – Ali Ndume

In a groundbreaking move towards fostering inclusivity, Senator Ali Ndume, Chief Whip of the Senate and representative of Borno South Senatorial District, announced on Wednesday the Senate’s plans to implement stringent sanctions against Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) rejecting individuals with disabilities. The Senator disclosed that this initiative would come to fruition through amendments to the laws governing the National Commission for Persons with Disability.

During an event in Abuja where he was honored by the FCT Para-soccer Team, Senator Ndume expressed his concern about the prevalent discrimination faced by persons with disabilities in their pursuit of employment opportunities. He emphasized the need for MDAs to recognize the qualifications of individuals with disabilities and provide them with equal opportunities to contribute meaningfully to the system.

The Senator remarked, “Persons with disabilities with relevant qualifications in their field of study should be employed to contribute their quota to the system.” He underscored the importance of breaking down barriers that hinder the engagement of persons with disabilities in various sectors.

Addressing the Para-soccer Team, Senator Ndume showcased his commitment to supporting people with disabilities, pledging a generous donation of N1 million to bolster the efforts of the FCT Para-soccer Team. Additionally, he promised to facilitate a meeting between the team and FCT Minister Nyesom Wike to further enhance their support.

Highlighting the historical significance of the FCT Para-soccer Team, which has been making strides for over 30 years, Senator Ndume expressed his intent to elevate the national event associated with the Renewed Hope Agenda initiated by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He envisages a grand celebration involving major political leaders to amplify the cause of inclusivity in the workforce.

The Senator outlined the vision of making it mandatory for every MDA within the government to employ people with disabilities. He envisioned a future where individuals with disabilities would not only be placed in offices but also hold esteemed positions such as chief executives of government agencies and permanent secretaries.

In closing, Senator Ndume referenced a precedent of a disabled senator who held the position of Chief Whip, reinforcing the potential for persons with disabilities to excel in prominent roles within the government.

This initiative aligns with a broader national agenda for a “Year of Renewed Hope,” aiming to create opportunities for every Nigerian, regardless of their abilities, and championing a more inclusive and diverse workforce.



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