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Pauline Tallen celebrates with NDW in Jos, expresses readiness for partnership

TQM report,

The Honorable Minister of Women Affairs, Dame Pauline Tallen says her office is ready to key into what the Network of Disabled Women NDW is doing in Plateau state.

She made this statement when she made an appearance at the end of year party of the organisation which took place at the Afic Motel in Jos on Saturday 18th December 2021.

The Hon Minister appreciate the efforts of the organisation in networking and coordinating women living with disabilities and appeal to them to always ensure that they thank God in every situation they find themselves as he will always be there to see them through.

The North Central Coordinator of the Network of Disabled Women NDW and the Chairprson of the Plateau State Disability Rights Commission Hon Kyennan Mizim thanked the minister for her show of support to the organisation and promised that her office will always champion the cause of Women with Disability in Nigeria.

In her speech the Plateau State cordinator of the Network of Disabled Women NDW Hon Linda Dung Katai was full of joy for how God has kept them in 2021, she thanked the Minister for finding time to identify with them in this festive period with donations of cash and gifts.

The Network of Disabled Women NDW is a network of 40+ organizations founded and owned by women with disabilities formed to coordinate inclusive activities in Nigeria and the World. NDW passion is on human rights based model, which links gender and disaility, matters ranging from political, civil, economic, social, sports, health and cultural rights. they are advocates for equal representation, non-discrimination and inclusive society for women and girls with disabilities. they are also interested in creating greater awareness among governments and the public.

Highlights of the event was the cutting of the anniversary cake led by the Hon Minister and presentation of Christmas gifts.



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