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Osun’s Farmers With Disabilities Advocate for Inclusive Agricultural Policies

In a passionate plea for inclusivity, the Persons with Disabilities Farmers Association (PWDFA) in Osun is calling on the government to extend its agricultural programmes and policies to empower its resilient members. Coordinator Olanrewaju Oladosu expressed the association’s aspirations, stating, “We want inclusiveness, assistance, and the same opportunities given to regular farmers.”

Emphasizing the desire for self-sufficiency, Oladosu highlighted the need for the state government to carve out farm settlements for PWDFA members in every local government area. He underlined the association’s commitment to contributing to food production across diverse sectors, including fish farming, crop cultivation, animal husbandry, and poultry farming.

The PWDFA, established and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in May 2022, currently boasts over 1,000 members. Oladosu lamented the social stigmatization faced by persons with disabilities and emphasized the association’s role in overcoming these challenges. “We do not want to beg for alms; we need the state government to empower us,” he passionately stated.


Highlighting the significant hurdle of financial constraints, Oladosu acknowledged the support received from the federal ministry of agriculture and FADAMA, including farm implements, day-old chicks, poultry feeds, grinding machines, deep freezers, and more. Despite this assistance, he underscored the pressing need for the Osun state government’s support.

While expressing gratitude for federal assistance, Oladosu called upon the Osun state government to recognize the PWDFA’s contributions and provide the necessary backing. The association’s vision extends beyond immediate challenges, aiming to secure lasting government recognition and support to facilitate their continued success in the agricultural sector.

As the PWDFA perseveres in its mission to break down barriers and redefine societal perceptions, the call for inclusivity echoes not only as a plea for empowerment but also as a crucial step towards a more equitable and sustainable agricultural landscape.



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