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Osun State Govt Launches Comprehensive Data Collection Initiative for PWDs Across All LGAs

The Osun State Government has embarked on an ambitious and comprehensive data collection initiative aimed at collating vital information on Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) across all 30 local government areas, including the Modakeke Area Council. This unprecedented exercise is spearheaded by the Office of the Special Adviser on Special Needs and the Office of the Special Assistant on Disabilities Matters, under the aegis of the Ministry of Sport and Special Needs.

The data collection initiative is part of a broader strategy by the current administration to address the multifaceted challenges faced by the PWD community in Osun State. By gathering accurate and detailed data, the government aims to tailor its policies and programs more effectively, ensuring that no member of the PWD community is left behind.

Hon. Kamil Aransi, Special Adviser to the Governor on Special Needs, emphasized the critical importance of this initiative. “This exercise is not just about numbers; it’s about understanding the unique challenges and needs of every individual within the PWD community. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and supported,” Aransi stated.

Hon. Olarewaju Oladosu, Special Assistant on Disabilities Matters, echoed these sentiments. “Our goal is to give a voice to the PWD community and ensure their needs are met with the urgency and seriousness they deserve. We encourage all PWDs across Osun State to participate in this vital data collection exercise.”

A Community-Driven Effort

The success of this initiative hinges on the active participation of the PWD community. The government has set up numerous data collection points at social departments within each local government area to facilitate easy access for PWDs. To ensure inclusivity, provisions have also been made for those with mobility challenges. Individuals who find it difficult to travel to the collection points can participate by filling out an online form available at this link.

A Step Towards True Inclusivity

The initiative is a clear indication of the Osun State Government’s commitment to fostering an inclusive society where every citizen, regardless of their physical or mental abilities, is given an opportunity to thrive. By obtaining precise data, the government aims to identify specific areas where PWDs require support, whether it’s in healthcare, education, employment, or social services.

“This data collection exercise is a foundational step towards developing comprehensive support systems for PWDs,” remarked Hon. Aransi. “We envision a future where the PWD community in Osun State can access the resources they need to lead fulfilling lives.”

Engagement and Participation

To maximize participation, the Ministry of Sport and Special Needs, in collaboration with local government officials, has launched a robust awareness campaign. This campaign includes outreach programs, community meetings, and the distribution of informational materials to ensure that all PWDs are aware of the ongoing exercise and understand its significance.

“We need the full cooperation of the PWD community to make this initiative successful,” said Hon. Oladosu. “Every individual’s data is crucial in painting an accurate picture of the PWD landscape in Osun State. We urge everyone to come forward and be counted.”

A Vision for the Future

The Osun State Government’s data collection initiative represents a significant milestone in the journey towards inclusivity and equal opportunities for all. By engaging the PWD community directly and understanding their needs, the government aims to implement policies that provide real solutions and foster a sense of belonging among PWDs.

As the data collection exercise continues, the government remains optimistic about the positive impact this initiative will have. With a clear understanding of the challenges and needs of the PWD community, Osun State is poised to make substantial strides in creating an environment where every citizen can achieve their full potential.

For further information and to participate in the data collection exercise, PWDs are encouraged to visit their local government social departments or fill out the online form available at the provided link.

Hon. Kamil Aransi
Special Adviser to the Governor on Special Needs

Hon. Olarewaju Oladosu
Special Assistant on Disabilities Matters




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