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Osun Govt enrolls 30,000 indigent youths into Health Insurance Scheme

By Victor AdeotiThe Osun Government on Friday said it had ordered the immediate enrolment of 30,000 youths into its Health Insurance Scheme(OHIS).

The Commissioner for Youth and Sports, Yemi Lawal, disclosed this at a news conference in Osogbo.

Lawal said the initiative was aimed at ensuring that the youths who constitute a greater proportion of the population of the state, get quality healthcare delivery accessible, affordable and beneficial.

The commissioner said that the initiative was to properly integrate the youths into the scheme, especially those out of school, unemployed, have disability.

He said the beneficiaries of the health scheme would be drawn from the 30 local government areas, including Ife-East Area Office of the state in line with the state’s Youth Policy Programme and Implementation Strategies.

“The present administration’s efforts in making sure that healthcare delivery is accessible and affordable to all citizens and residents of the state led to the establishment of the Osun Health Insurance Scheme (OHIS).

“Nevertheless, the youths, who constitute a greater proportion of the population of the state, some of whom are out of school, unemployed, have disability, are yet to be fully integrated into the scheme.

“In order to address this, Gov. Oyetola, who is a lover of the youth, directed that 30,000 vulnerable youth drawn from all the local government areas of the State be enrolled under the Osun Health Insurance Scheme (OHIS),” he said.

Lawal also said that government had kick started  massive recruitment of youths into Osun Youth Employment Scheme, popularly called (O’YES).

He said the recruitment was  part of  government’s efforts to maximise the potential embedded in the youths, for them to contribute their quota to the growth and development of the state.

Lawal, who noted that the recruitment represented the 5th batch, said that more than 62,000 cadets had gone through the scheme so far.

According to Lawal, the scheme is a revolving 2-year volunteers scheme, which strives to empower recruited youths across the 30 LGAs Area Office in the state.He said the volunteers were divided into different specialised cadres such as Public Sanitation, Public Works Brigade, Green Gang, Osun Sheriff Corps, Traffic Marshalls, Osun Paramedics, among others.

“Let me make it clear that O’YES itself is not about offering employment to the youth but empowering the participating youth to become self-reliant and possibly become employers of labour. 

“This is where the exit programme comes in.“The Exit Programme empowers the Cadets by helping them become self-reliant through acquisition of relevant entrepreneurial and vocational skills.

“As at present, the scheme has about 74 exit programmes for the cadets to choose from.

“We can boldly say that the Scheme has achieved success in transforming the lives of the ex-cadets through the exit programmes, to the extent that you can now find many of the ex-cadets doing fine in different areas of endeavours,” he said. NAN



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