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NNAD Youth Section Empowers Deaf Youths On Civic Engagement

The Nigeria National Association of the Deaf (Youth Section) has empowered some Deaf Youths On Civic Engagement.

The group on Wednesday in Abuja organized a One Day workshop with the theme; Promoting inclusion: Empowering the deaf youth for civic engagement.

The event brought together some selected young members of NNAD to build their capacity on how to carry out Civic engagement.

In his opening address, the National youth leader, NNAD, Amb. Ebuka Okeke while welcoming the participants highlighted areas the event aims to address. According to him, civic engagement is pivotal to addressing some of the gaps created as a result of perennial negligence.
Speaking further, he emphasized the need for such engagement to address gaps thereby giving the youths the opportunity to be able to see beyond the bend and find clues in addressing such loopholes.

“The youths must not only wake up but also get up and take the bull by the horns, identify grey areas of concern and find avenues to get things right”, he said.

“Continuing, he challenged the participants on the need to remain focused on the goal and ensure adequate understanding of the opportunity presence and taking the right approach in addressing them.

“We must assist each others, we must engage, we must dialogue, we must build, and finally we must agree”.

The facilitator Hon. Haruna Muhammed Tsafe, who is also the National Vice President of NNAD facilitating the topic: Strategies for Youth Participation in Civic Engagement: Navigating the Road to Civic Leadership and Advocacy for Deaf Youths; laid emphasis more on the importance of civic engagement, leadership, and why it is necessary for awareness creation, we must understand that leadership is not only necessary but also pivotal in effecting changes necessary for growth and development.

Hon. Haruna maintained that, leadership is all about influence and acceptance, he opined that the three most important part of leadership is the presence of the three Ps. which according to him are

  • People focused
  • Positiveness
  • Professionalism
    Hon. Haruna embellished his facilitation very interesting with a touch of interactiveness.

At the end of the facilitation, there was questions and answers and contributions from participants.

The event was moderated by the ever amazing Damian Fanen Ayua.



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