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NCPWD Commends Nigerian Red Cross for Humanitarian Efforts, Pledges Enhanced Collaboration

Dr. James David Lalu, Executive Secretary of the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD), has praised the Nigerian Red Cross Society for its unwavering commitment to humanitarian work, vowing to strengthen ties between the two organizations for the betterment of society.

In a recent meeting held at his office in Abuja, Dr. Lalu commended the Nigerian Red Cross for its dedication to extending humanitarian aid to even the most remote areas of the country, despite the inherent challenges. He expressed gratitude to the organization, which has been serving Nigeria since its establishment in 1960 through an Act of Parliament.

Reflecting on his personal encounter with the Red Cross during a crisis in Jos, Plateau State, Dr. Lalu underscored the invaluable role played by the organization in providing assistance during times of need. In a display of prompt action, he directed the relevant department of the Commission to promptly provide assistive devices to the Red Cross, including talking calculators for the blind, alarm clocks, and crutches.

Furthermore, Dr. Lalu emphasized the importance of focusing on rural communities, where access to aid is often limited. He noted that while victims in urban areas may have access to various support channels and donors, those in rural areas are often overlooked and in greater need of assistance.

Promising strengthened collaboration between the NCPWD and the Nigerian Red Cross, Dr. Lalu reiterated the Commission’s unwavering commitment to serving humanity, particularly persons with disabilities and vulnerable populations.

In response, Mr. Simeon Nwaubani, leader of the Nigerian Red Cross delegation, commended Dr. Lalu for his proactive approach to humanitarian issues and innovative ideas in addressing the needs of the disability community. Providing a historical overview of the Red Cross’s founding in Nigeria, Nwaubani highlighted the organization’s origins and its significant contributions to disaster relief efforts.

Nwaubani also presented a list of requested assistive devices, including wheelchairs, tricycles, eyeglasses, hearing aids, and white canes, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts in providing relief to victims of various circumstances.

Seeking to strengthen collaboration with the NCPWD, the Nigerian Red Cross spokesperson emphasized the collective effort required to achieve success in humanitarian missions, particularly in the Federal Capital Territory.

As both organizations pledge to work hand in hand to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable populations, their enhanced partnership promises to bring about positive change and greater impact in communities across Nigeria.



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