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Mimijane Foundation Proposes Amendment to Disability Act for Gender Inclusion

In a bid to ensure comprehensive legal protection for women and girls with disabilities in Nigeria, the Mimijane Foundation for Women and Children with Disabilities has unveiled a groundbreaking proposal. This initiative seeks to amend Parts I to VIII of the Disability Act (2018) to integrate gender-specific components, addressing the unique challenges faced by this demographic.

Recognizing the imperative of safeguarding the rights of women and girls with disabilities, the proposed amendment aims to fortify the existing Disability Act with gender-inclusive provisions. The Foundation underscores the significance of this amendment in fostering a more equitable and just society for all individuals, regardless of gender or disability status.

The proposed amendment encompasses critical areas such as accessibility, education, health, and access to justice. It advocates for the mandatory provision of reasonable accommodation in public buildings, including educational institutions, to facilitate safe navigation for women and girls with disabilities. Moreover, it emphasizes the right to inclusive education, ensuring equal access to quality learning opportunities, and the provision of comprehensive healthcare services tailored to their specific needs.

In cases of sexual and gender-based violence, the proposed amendment calls for specialized support services within the justice system, tailored to the unique needs of survivors with disabilities. It also advocates for streamlined procedures for seeking redress, including clear mechanisms for filing complaints and accessing legal aid.

The Foundation highlights the importance of gender inclusion across all aspects of the proposed amendment, emphasizing the need for transparent and inclusive processes. Stakeholder participation, including input from women and girls with disabilities, civil society organizations, and the international community, is deemed essential to ensure the amendments reflect the needs and aspirations of the marginalized demographic.

The proposal by the Mimijane Foundation which represented by The Executive Director, Beatrice Mube at the public hearing organized by JONAPWD And House Committee On Disability, represents a significant step towards advancing the rights and dignity of women and girls with disabilities in Nigeria. By prioritizing gender inclusion and mainstreaming across all provisions of the Disability Act, the Foundation aims to foster a more inclusive and supportive legal framework.

The success of the proposed amendments hinges on collective efforts from all stakeholders to champion the rights of women and girls with disabilities. Through fostering a culture of inclusivity, transparency, and accountability, Nigeria can move closer to realizing a society where every individual, regardless of gender or disability status, enjoys equal opportunities and protections under the law.



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