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Governor Otti Champions Disability Inclusion in Abia State, Commits To Break Barriers And Unleash Potentials

Abia State Governor, Dr. Alex Otti, has fervently pledged to shatter barriers hindering Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) from unlocking their full potentials.

In a momentous address during a thank-you visit by PWDs at Government House Umuahia, Governor Otti, represented by his dynamic Chief of Staff, Pastor Caleb Ajagba, urged the resilient PWD community to seize the opportunities embedded in government programs for a transformative impact on their lives.

With an unwavering commitment to inclusivity, Governor Otti affirmed his administration’s dedication to dismantling obstacles that have historically impeded PWDs from realizing their true capabilities.

Emphasizing that Abia belongs to all, the Governor declared an unequivocal stance against leaving anyone behind in the march of development, irrespective of disability, vowing to nurture a society that embraces diversity and rejects the shackles of discrimination.

Painting a vivid picture of an inclusive Abia, Pastor Caleb Ajagba articulated the government’s ongoing efforts to raise awareness about disability inclusion, striving to obliterate the stigma associated with disabilities.

The Chief of Staff underscored the paramount importance of fostering an environment where every citizen, regardless of disability, is empowered to contribute meaningfully to the collective progress of the state.

Expressing gratitude for the PWDs’ role as exemplary ambassadors of the state, Governor Otti urged them to transcend their challenges, staying resolute and focused on realizing their life aspirations. He hailed them as indispensable partners in the ongoing journey of progress, acknowledging their invaluable contributions not only to the state but to the broader societal landscape. As a beacon of hope, Governor Otti assured the PWD community that brighter days lie ahead, promising continued support and opportunities for their holistic development.

In a society where inclusivity is often a lofty ideal, Governor Otti’s resolute commitment signals a transformative era for PWDs in Abia State, as barriers crumble and a path to empowerment and recognition emerges on the horizon.



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