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GERIS Project: Group To Partner Armed Forces Radio On The Rights Of Women with Disabilities

As part of the activities of a microproject which is part of the GERIS project funded by the European Union and implemented by Particip through Apolmida Haruna Tsammani (Haly Hope Foundation) and Zubairu Babajide Atta (Media Advocates for Peace, the group paid an advocacy visit to Armed Forces Radio on Monday.

The Objective of the meeting is to create partnership with Armed Forces Radio to advocate on issues affecting persons with disabilities especially issues of sexual and reproductive health right of women with disability and to discuss issues around inclusion and diversity as a peace building mechanism that will encourage more peaceful societies nationally and globally.

Support Beauty and Creativity among Deaf Women

Zubairu Babajide Atta in his speech informed that Global Exchange On Religion in Society (GERIS) project is a mass media advocacy geared towards impact on diversity and the role of religion and it is also to create awareness among Policy makers on how to implement the Disabilities Act.

He cited issues around managing and planning for PWDs in pandemic or national emergency situations•Public messaging by religious leaders on encouraging others to consider inclusion and Diversity in their sermons in such manner that will encourage drogue and creative peace building thereby fostering a peaceful society.

Apolmida Haruna Tsammani pointed some challenges facing PWDs especially women with disabilities.

She informed that there is National Policy On Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights of Persons With Disabilities with emphasis on women and girls which includes Accessibility of Health facilities by women with Disabilities.

She also spoke access to public building, inclusion and diversity in planning/decision making by religious societies and preachers.

“We have Discrimination against Persons With Disabilities (Prohibition) Act 2018 whch was signed into law by President Muhammadu Buhari and section 4 of the Act talks about the accessibility of physical structure and penalities attached to it, there is need for organization to abide by it to avoid litigations.

Armed Forces Radio Representatives, Commander A. Ahmed, a director and Jacqueline Bruce, program expert at Armed Forces Radio, in their response expressed happiness over the project.

They encouraged the choice of Nigeria as one of the participating countries by agreeing to partner with the team.

He said that they are happy to collaborate with the GERIS Fellows on content that will improve their storytelling on issues.

He suggested that the team should explore areas of partnership such as 15 minutes interview conducted on a Monday morning of choice during their morning program titled ‘Morning Brief,
-Jingles (discount will be given depending on the length, establishment of a program in a discounted rate or take advantage of existing program ‘Caring Heart’- a Program that talks about Human Rights and issues around PWDs on Mondays by 2:30pm).

It was agreed that the team will write an official letter to the management of the Armed Forces Radio requesting for the actions agreed during the advocacy meeting, decide a date for the 15 minute interview and allocation of a space for the press conference.



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