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Felicitation: Jibore Foundation founder, Mrs Joy Bolarin celebrates amazing brother @ 50

The Founder and CEO of Jibore Foundation, a Disability focused Organization, Mrs Joy Bolarin has congratulated her brother Mr Gbenga Salami on his golden jubilee celebration.

“Happy birthday to a golden brother @ golden Jubilee birthday celebration today 6th May 2022, I pray your life remain golden and valuable through out your life time , continue to excel and make more positive impact in your generation”

“Thanks so much for being a brother like a father, you supported our mother and stood in the position of father after loosing our dad about 29years ago”.

“You are special gift to Amuda’s family
You are a shoulder to lean on by all your siblings, entire extended family, kinsmen and anyone that cross your path find comfort in trying times”.

“You followed the generous life style of our father and continue the good legacy”.

“Your support as a brother give me strength to champion the cause of humanity with courage during my trying times”.

“You fought several life battles and conquer, you are great source of inspiration on how you struggle several years before gaining admission into the university despite you passed your exams , discovering photography skill during your waiting period for admission is a great lesson that there is message in a mess”.

Mr Gbenga Salami

“Children in the family are not left out of your generosity, the monthly daily manna you supply for their spiritual growth and mint note you give them during festivity always make them look forward to meeting you”.

“Something about Gbangu as I fondly call him is that he never right off any child no matter the deviant behavior, rejected and homeless children and adults find succor under his roof and he doesn’t give up until he use positive attitude transform such child or person to a better person”.

“His house become corpers lodge because he house as many of them as are stranded and make their staying comfortable during years of service”.

“Something amazing about my brother that he is a complete gentleman with a happy home, not just good to outsider”.

Talk about Oluwagbemiga as my mom do call him will not be completed without mentioning some memory lane”.
“His activities with his friends in Oro Ago during the school years motivated the Student Union Association members OSU in the community to do better in their career by organizing educative program anytime they are in town”

“The hunting and fishing experience of himself and his friends during his youth days are such experience that makes me smile anytime I remember it”.

“Another interesting memory is Owo Ero sense of humor how he do create scene during football matches entertaining the audience with his funny dance during football matches in his secondary days”.

“He is an embodiment of knowledge , dedication and service, and integrity”

“Service to God is of topmost priority to Gbenga which make him a good model to all”.

“I am so blessed to have you as my immediate elder brother. I pray you will live another 50 strong and healthy years with prosperity”.



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