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FAECARE enhances capacity of PWDs in Rivers State On Disability Rights Advocacy

FAECARE Foundation has organized a 3 Day Capacity Building Training for Persons with Disabilities in Rivers State on how to carry out advocacy on the rights.

As part of the Disability Rights Initiative Project, FAECARE Foundation with support from Disability Rights Fund (DRF), held a 3-days Capacity building Training for Persons with Disabilities in Rivers State.

Of the over one hundred PWDs that applied, thirty (30) were selected to participate in the training based on their responses and keen interest in Disability Rights Advocacy.

The specific objective of this activity was to build the capacity of the selected participants being Persons with Disabilities in Rivers State to advocate for their rights and to participate more actively and engage with community members and government in a meaningful manner on a regular and sustained basis.

The training focused on different key sessions like understanding disability, the CRPD, the provisions on Discrimination against Persons With Disabilites (Prohibition) Act 2018 and on Strategic Advocacy Skill.

The facilitators engaged the participants using different facilitation styles to drive home key points and build skills like public speaking, in a myriad of interactive sessions.

The training also had daily powerful reflection sessions which allowed participants introspectively access their role in inclusion and advancing disability rights.

At the end of three loaded days, thirty three (33) Persons with Disabilities (Male (19) Female (14)) from different disability clusters increased their knowledge on Disability in line with the CRPD and Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities (Prohibition) Act 2018 and relevant advocacy skills.

They were also trained to become better skilled in strategically advocating for their rights with action plans we look forward to seeing in the coming months.

Advancing Disability starts with us, Persons with Disabilities. Therefore building our capacity is key to nothing about us without us.



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