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Empowering Diversity: CPWDN Congratulates Gov. Douye Diri on 2nd Term Inauguration, Advocates for Increased Appointments for Persons With Disabilities

In a jubilant display of congratulations, the Concerned Persons With Disabilities of Nigeria (CPWDN) extends their felicitations to His Excellency, Governor Douye Diri, Deputy Governor Lawrence Ewhrudjakpor, and the entire Prosperity team on the successful inauguration for a second term in Bayelsa State.

The leadership, stakeholders, and members of the organization express their heartfelt joy, attributing the electoral victory and inauguration success to Governor Diri’s credible performance and commitment to an all-inclusive administration during his first term.

Governor Douye Diri, who has garnered support for his inclusive governance approach, is commended by the CPWDN for fostering a sense of unity and representation for all citizens in Bayelsa State.

President Ikilowei T T Eric conveyed the organization’s appreciation and optimism, stating, “We humbly wish to remind and plead with His Excellency for more appointments for Persons With Disabilities in Bayelsa State. Positions such as Special Advisers, Senior Special Assistants, Commissioner roles, Heads of Agencies, Parastatals, etc., will further enhance the inclusivity we have witnessed during his tenure.”

The Concerned Persons With Disabilities of Nigeria acknowledges Governor Diri’s commitment to diversity and urges him to continue championing the cause of the disabled community, ensuring they have a significant voice in decision-making positions within the state.

As Bayelsa State embarks on the next four years under Governor Diri’s leadership, the organization offers prayers for divine wisdom to guide him in steering the affairs of the state successfully.

In a statement signed by President, CPWDN, Ikilowei T T Eric, the organization looks forward to continued collaboration with the government in fostering an inclusive and prosperous Bayelsa for all.

This celebratory message not only marks the success of Governor Douye Diri’s second term but also emphasizes the importance of inclusive governance for Persons With Disabilities, contributing to a more diverse and representative leadership in Bayelsa State.



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