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DWAI, DWAN enhance capacity of Deaf Women in tackling Sexual &Gender Based Violence

Deaf Women Aloud Initiative (DWAI) in collaborate with Deaf Women Association of Nigeria -DWAN Headquarters recently held a 3 days Leadership training and capacity building for Deaf Women leaders selected across the states of federation on existing laws in tackling Sexual & Gender based Violence (SGBV) in Abuja on 16th – 18th of May 2022.

The training was part of the project – Advancing the rights of Deaf women and girls to prevent and respond to Gender Based Violence funded by Disability Rights Fund (DRF) in FCT, Abuja.

Mrs. Hellen Beyioku-Alase, Executive Director, DWAI and National President, DWAN

The Executive Director of DWAI and National President of DWAN, Mrs. Hellen Beyioku-Alase thanked specially their Donor Disability Rights Fund (DRF) for making the project a reality and a great success. She appreciated DWAN leaders and every other person that made input to ensure the success of the training workshop.

Speaking further, She emphasized on the need for Deaf women to know their rights in respect to SGBV and the skills to demand for these rights are equally important.

She urged Deaf Women to make proper use of the 3 days of the training to enhance their capacity to SGBV and charging them to keep breaking the barriers accordingly.

The training witnessed energetic facilitation from Mrs. Hellen Udoye Beyioku-Alase and Mrs. Patience Etim. They took their time to break down the content of SGBV by demonstration through sign-language.

Highlight of the training objectives includes;

  1. Empowering Deaf women leaders who are socially and economically disadvantaged with right based approach to tackle Sexual and Gender based Violence (SGBV) through Capacity building using the followings instruments VAPP Act, Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities (prohibition) Act, 2018 and CRPD.
  2. Building Participants’ capacity to acquire right based approach skills for effective engagement and advocacy with policy makers and other relevant authorize or stakeholders in their respective communities to address the issues of SGBV that is seriously affecting Deaf women and girls.
  3. Encouraging value and belief, self –esteem development among Deaf women and girls.

The training was a very interactive one. Everyone was involved to share their experiences, knowledge and ideas as related to SGBV.

Interestingly, majority of them agreed that they have been victims but did not know that there is law in place for anyone who committed an act of SGBV against any woman.

Since there are existing barriers in communications, Deaf women leaders were motivated to take advantage of the following instruments such as VAPP Act, Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities (prohibition) Act, 2018 and CRPD to make report at any law enforcement agencies. They were also encouraged to seek partnership with other CSOs to amplify their voice and also inform other deaf women about these laws.

Some Pictures Of Event



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