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DRAC honours TQM with Social Justice and Leadership Award for excellent in reporting disability issues

TQM Report,

The Qualitative Magazine TQM was honoured yesterday 4th December, 2021 by Disability Rights Advocacy Center (DRAC) with Social Justice and Leadership Award on the category of Inclusive Media in recognition of the media outfit excellent in reportage of Disability issues.

The Executive Director of The Qualitative Magazine TQM, Mr. Agbo Chris Obiora who was present at the event to receive the award described the award as the best ever to be received by him and his organization because it is the first award the outfit is receiving from an organization of persons with disabilities (OPDs) which is an indication that those that the media outfit is targeting are pleased with the work.

He said that he got an award from his Almata University of Nigeria Alumni Association Abuja branch two weeks ago and now DRAC is honouring him which indicates that he is making huge impact in the lives of persons with disabilities through the magazine.

He appreciated DRAC and dedicated the award to DRAC and Dr. Irene Ojiugo Patrick-Ogbogu who believed him and his infant Media outfit and the brand of reporting, and also went extra mile to exposed him and his team to several trainings on Disability Inclusion that helped to get them this far today.

“DRAC have invited us in almost all their programmes which have had huge impact to what we have become today”

He congratulated Dr. Irene and her team on the Ten years anniversary and eulogized her on the way she used to discover persons with disabilities who have capacity and contribute to sharpen them.

“May God bless DRAC, Dr. Irene and all those who have supported TQM” he concluded.

You recall that DRAC started the event of marking their 10years anniversary on the 1st of December with National Dialogue On Leadership and Participation of persons with disabilities.

Yesterday was the award night and it was exciting with documentaries of DRAC activities, what the partners said about DRAC and the beneficiaries testimonies.

Details of the dinner/award night would be published later.



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