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Disability Discrimination: KFC Faces Backlash After Humiliating Gbenga Daniel’s Son at Airport

In a shocking incident at the Lagos branch of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Adebola Daniel, son of former Ogun State Governor Gbenga Daniel and a wheelchair user, faced humiliating treatment. The incident, highlighting the pervasive discrimination against persons with disabilities in Nigeria, has sparked outrage and calls for action.

Adebola Daniel, an advocate for disability rights, recounted his harrowing experience at the KFC restaurant located within the international airport premises. Despite completing all necessary airport formalities ahead of his Virgin Atlantic flight to London, Daniel, along with his wife and siblings, decided to spend time at the KFC while awaiting their flight. However, their visit took a distressing turn when the female manager of the restaurant adamantly refused entry to Daniel, citing a purported policy barring wheelchairs and wheelchair users from the premises.

Despite efforts from Daniel’s companions and other patrons to reason with the manager, she stood her ground, asserting the discriminatory policy. Daniel, who described feeling dehumanized and isolated by the incident, emphasized the urgency of addressing such prejudiced practices. He highlighted the prevalence of disability in Nigeria, with over 27 million individuals living with some form of disability, and called for accountability from KFC.

The manager’s unwavering adherence to the discriminatory policy raises concerns about the treatment of disabled customers at KFC branches nationwide. Daniel likened the policy to dark periods of history marked by segregation and exclusion, emphasizing the need for immediate action to rectify the situation.

Resolution Efforts:
Following the incident, Daniel and his family attempted to seek clarification from KFC, but their inquiries went unanswered. Despite reaching out via email and social media, KFC Nigeria has yet to provide a response, prompting further frustration and disappointment among advocates for disability rights.

Call for Action:
Daniel’s ordeal at KFC serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by persons with disabilities in Nigeria and the urgent need for inclusive practices across all sectors. As the story gains traction, advocates and allies are rallying behind Daniel, demanding accountability from KFC and urging the company to review its discriminatory policies.

The discrimination faced by Adebola Daniel at KFC’s Lagos branch underscores the systemic barriers encountered by persons with disabilities in Nigeria. As calls for justice and equality reverberate, the spotlight remains on KFC to address the incident and take concrete steps towards fostering inclusivity and respect for all customers, regardless of disability.



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