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Centre To Empower Persons with Disabilities through Digital Skills Training

Lagos, Nigeria — In an inspiring bid to foster inclusivity and bridge the digital divide, Accesstech Innovation and Research Centre has announced its commitment to offering professional training programs tailored for visually-impaired individuals, those with dyslexia, and others with disabilities. This pledge was unveiled at a significant workshop held in Lagos, coinciding with the Global Accessibility Awareness Day celebrations.

A Vision for Inclusivity

Opeolu Akinbola, CEO of Accesstech Innovation and Research Centre, addressed attendees at the workshop, marking it as the inaugural event in a series of initiatives designed to alter perceptions and promote inclusion for persons with disabilities (PWDs). Akinbola passionately described the centre’s mission as a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of PWDs through public awareness campaigns and the provision of empowering products and services.

“Accesstech Innovation and Research Centre is committed to enabling persons with disabilities to access quality education, secure decent jobs, and drive economic growth,” Akinbola stated. “Our efforts are in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, particularly in reducing inequality and promoting inclusive, sustainable economic growth.”

Remarkable Achievements

The centre’s commitment to this mission is already yielding significant results. Over the past nine months, Accesstech has successfully trained over 200 visually-impaired individuals in various essential tech skills. These skills include Python for data analytics, advanced Microsoft Excel, and basic Microsoft productivity tools, among others. These training programs are not merely about imparting technical knowledge but about opening new avenues for independence and employment for PWDs.

“When someone is blind, it is not the end of life but the beginning of a new journey,” Akinbola noted. “Our society must place persons with disabilities at the forefront, ensuring they have the opportunities and support to thrive.”

Empowering Through Media

Emmanuella Akinola, the Chief Operations Officer of Accesstech Innovation and Research Centre, highlighted another innovative approach the centre is taking to promote inclusivity: involving media practitioners in their training programs. “Access to information is a fundamental human right,” she emphasized. “By incorporating accessibility best practices, journalists can engage a wider audience, ensuring that their content is accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities.”

Akinola explained that training media professionals in accessibility practices is crucial. It not only broadens their audience but also promotes a more inclusive society where information is available to all, regardless of physical or cognitive limitations.

Looking Forward

As the workshop concluded, the enthusiasm and commitment of Accesstech Innovation and Research Centre were palpable. This event is only the beginning of a series of workshops and training sessions aimed at changing the narrative around disabilities and ensuring that PWDs are equipped with the skills they need to succeed in today’s digital world.

The centre’s initiatives are not just about training; they represent a broader movement towards societal change, encouraging everyone to see PWDs not as limited by their disabilities but as individuals with unique abilities and potential. As Accesstech continues its mission, it is clear that their efforts will significantly impact the lives of many, fostering a more inclusive, equitable society.

By empowering PWDs with digital skills and promoting accessibility in media, Accesstech Innovation and Research Centre is setting a commendable example of how organizations can contribute to a more inclusive world. Their work underscores the importance of breaking down barriers and providing opportunities for all individuals to achieve their full potential.



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